Can You Buy a Degree When You Need One Fast? Know Your Options

3.7 million students are expected to graduate high school this year, earning themselves their high school degree.

And while high school graduates are typically responsible people, they can end up losing their diploma.

In fact, diplomas can be pretty easy to lose, especially the older you get. Moves, remodeling and other similar situations can lose your diploma in the shuffle.

So what happens if you need a diploma fast? Can you buy a degree?

Read on for some of your options in different circumstances.

You Need a Degree for a Prop

Maybe you need a degree for a film or play you’re producing, but you don’t have the time or budget to hire a graphic designer. Or, you want to make sure that the degree looks as authentic as possible to make your work of art look as polished and pristine as you can.

In this instance, you can buy a degree online from a company that sells diplomas. You’ll let them know the school and name to place on the certificate, and voila! Your character has an instant diploma to add to the set or use in a scene.

You can have it shipped directly to you for a reasonable price, making this a fantastic option.

You Need Your Degree to Hang in Your Office

If you’ve ever been to a doctor, lawyer, academic’s office or therapist, there’s one thing you may notice all of their offices have: their diplomas on the wall.

But what if you can’t find yours? Or, what if you don’t want to pay the hefty fee your school may ask for in order to send you a new degree? You could always photocopy your degree, but that doesn’t always look neat and professional.

Some schools can also “hold your degree hostage” if you have unpaid fees. If you’re just starting up your practice and can’t afford those at the moment, you may think you’ll have to skip having your diploma on the wall. Luckily, that isn’t the case.

Again, one of your options here is to purchase a degree from a website that creates beautiful and believable duplicates. This way, you can save both time and money, and still let your clients know you’re qualified.

You Took the GED and You Need Your Diploma to Prove You’ve Passed

Although the popularity of the GED test is declining, there are still a considerable amount of people who take the test each year. You may be one of them and may need to prove you’ve passed. Your diploma can open up many options that were once closed to you, including attending college, qualifying for some professional roles or enrolling in a trade school.

The GED website is very simple to use and allows you to view your diploma online. You can use this as proof that you’ve passed the GED, and are ready for your next steps.

But, the GED website only goes back so far. This means, if you took the test prior to 2014, you have to request the transcripts a different way.

And, if you want a hard copy of your GED from after 2014, you’ll have to take extra steps. If you need your degree in a pinch, you can always order a fake degree to show your job or university, providing that you have passed the GED.

If Your Old School Has Closed

Universities and high schools close all of the time. That doesn’t make your degree invalid, it just makes it harder to get a copy of if you need to prove you’ve graduated.

Most people contact their schools as the first port of call for their diplomas, but what happens when it doesn’t exist any longer? Are there options?

Your first option is to find the district the school was in and contact them. You will need to explain you are an alum of a specific school that used to be in the district, and either closed or merged with another school.

Most of the time, you will be able to get your hands on your records, but it may take a little bit of digging.

If you’re lucky, your closed school may contract with another service that will allow you to order your diploma hassle-free.

But, if you can’t get a hold of your diploma, or you need it faster than they can provide it, purchasing a fake diploma as a place holder is never a bad idea.

Your Small Private School Has Closed

If you went to a tiny private school, your records may be more difficult to get a hold of because the school was never affiliated with a district. Catholic schools, however, operate like districts with a diocese at the center. You may wish to contact the diocese they school was associated with.

In some cases, there may still be a church in operation, whom you can contact to see if they maintain records from previous students.

Otherwise, you can always purchase a degree online to make things simple and streamlined.

Is It Wrong to Buy a Degree?

If you need one for a set decoration or prop, or as a replacement for a degree that your or a loved one has earned, you can absolutely buy a degree. You can also purchase them for gag gifts and motivation, as long as the individual does not claim they have earned it.

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