Buying a Diploma: How a Single Click Could Change Your Life

Receiving a diploma dates back to September 23rd, 1642, at Harvard College. It was only until 1813 that graduates from Harvard College started getting diplomas they could keep.

Maybe a diploma is the only barrier between you and your happiness. Why stress out while you can get one in a single click online? Here is what happens when customizing and buying a diploma online.

The Process of Buying a Diploma Online

To some people, it is good news that they don’t have to go through the GED program to get a high school diploma. Furthermore, the entire education journey can be quite hectic.

When buying a fake diploma online, all you have to do is provide some information such as your name, your high school name, and the date of your graduation. What’s fantastic is that you can choose your dream high-school and set a date that suits your life’s achievements.

You must cross-check the information you submit since you can’t afford to have a diploma displaying erroneous information.

The novelty diploma you get looks like the real diploma. Therefore, it won’t raise eyebrows. 

How Legal Is Getting a Fake Diploma

We might all be quick to judge that getting a fake diploma is illegal. However, that is far from the truth. It is legal to create, purchase, and even own a phony diploma.

However, here is the twist. As much as fake diplomas are legal, some constraints come with one. For instance, you can’t use the phony diploma to land a job.

Using a fake high school diploma to pave your way to college is equally illegal, and you can get punished for it. Besides, you can serve a jail term for it, being charged of fraud. The law also makes it illegal to lie orally and in writing.

The crime of using an unaccredited degree is classified as a class C felony, which could see you spend five years in prison or pay a $10,000 fine.

Ensure you only buy one for the allowed reasons, such as for novelty or entertainment to avoid brushing shoulders with the law.

How Do You Play It Safe?

It is important to understand that the diploma mills are just a business entity. Therefore, they are not responsible of offering any legal advice.

Before purchasing a phony diploma, conduct a research regarding the local laws. Alternatively, you can seek the opinion of a qualified attorney.

Why People Consider Buying a Diploma 

If you went to school and worked so hard for your diploma, you might wonder why someone wants to spend their money on a fake diploma. However, there are various intriguing reasons why people consider buying a diploma. Let’s explore some of the reasons.

1. To Replace a Lost Diploma

Sometimes, especially during a move, things get mixed up. In the process, some things also get lost. It would be very devastating if you lose your college diploma.

Besides moving, the original diploma can get lost in a robbery. Knowing how tough it is to get the honor replaced, getting a fake one proves to be a more natural route.

2. For Motivation

Schooling can be tough. As much as you have dreams and ambitions of finishing school, there are tough days before getting to the end.

You can get a fake diploma to act as a constant reminder of what you are working hard for. That reminder motivates you to work harder each day.

3. Keeping Naysayers Off

We all have come across people who feel superior to others. Although the best way to deal with them is developing a tough skin, there is no harm in doing something that makes you feel better about yourself.

If seeing a diploma with your name on it does the tick, why not get one? It doesn’t have to be real.

4. It Acts as a Prop

If you are working for theatre production, you have to do anything possible to make the scenes look real. If you have a character that graduates from college, buying a fake diploma will convince your audience since it seems like the real deal.

5. It Is an Ideal Gift Idea

Do you know someone who never got a chance to attend their dream school? Although the opportunity is gone, you can make it up to them.

Just buy them a fake diploma with the name of their dream school, and gift it to them on their graduation day. They will never forget you! 

6. They Cannot Afford Formal Education

Let’s be real, college education is quite expensive. These expenses might force some people to forego college education. However, there is an alternative — getting a fake diploma online.

In many cases, people have vast knowledge, but they need to prove it with papers.

7. Waiting for the Real Deal

Some circumstances, such as fees arrears, could lead to the delay of your diploma. Or you might be almost done, but too excited. What happens if you had organized a party, but you can’t get the award on time? 

Canceling the celebration sounds like a significant inconvenience. Instead of all the trouble, you could buy a fake diploma as you wait for the real one to arrive.

8. It’s a Sign of Admiration

Not all that we wish come true. You probably had a dream school since you turned six. However, factors such as money and responsibilities stopped you. Or you just didn’t hit the pass mark.

Such factors could have made you get your degree from another college. In such a case, the closest you could get to your dream university is getting a fake diploma in your office. Act like you attended anyway.

How Far Should You Go?

As much as it’s so easy buying a diploma online, ensure that you don’t breach the rules. There are severe consequences to whoever tries to use a phony diploma wrongfully.

You no longer have to sit and continue wishing you had that diploma certificate on your wall. Contact us to get a high-quality novelty diploma.