How to Display Your College Diploma

Your hard work throughout college deserves to be displayed, and the best way to do that is to frame and mount your diploma. When people think of college diplomas, they often think of traditional wooden frames on a blank wall.

However, you can choose to incorporate your own personality and creativity in order to create an attractive display. You can even frame and showcase your diploma so that it suits the rest of your interior decor. 

With this in mind, read on to learn some of the most attractive ways to display your college diploma at your work or home!  

Grouped With Art

One of the most unique ways to display your diploma is grouped in a gallery wall with other art. Not only is this a great way to decorate your home office, but it can also create a friendly and inviting environment. You can choose to group your diploma with photos and art pertaining to your degree, such as images of animals and diagrams if you’re studying zoology. 

You can also choose to group it with inspiring graphics, inspirational artwork, and photos of your and your friends from college. Choose quotes that speak to you and keep you motivated throughout the day. 

Shadowbox Display

Remember that your diploma doesn’t just have to be a two-dimensional document on your wall. Shadowbox displays allow you to display a combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects on your wall or desk in an attractive format. In your shadowbox display, combine your diploma with your tassel or interesting decorative elements that depict your degree. 

For instance, if you majored in architecture, you can choose to include the adjustable triangle you used throughout school. You may want to store an old Moleskine notebook inside or a small figurine. 

Floating Glass

If you want a minimal look that can blend in well with a minimalist office design, we recommend looking into floating glass displays. The traditional wood diploma frames can look too heavy and out of place in modern offices or homes. Floating glass displays can be hung on your wall or displayed on your desk without interrupting the ambiance of a space. 

The only issue you’ll have is to make sure you don’t get fingerprints on the glass while you’re setting it up. However, they can be quickly be cleaned with a window or multi-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth. 

Shelf Display

Remember that you don’t have to hang everything on your walls. One style choice that has grown in popularity is hanging shelves and setting frames and other decorative items on top of those shelves. This is more of a laid-back look that allows you to change out the look of your walls more easily. 

For instance, a novelty diploma can be soon replaced by a real one without damage to your wall if you opt to stand them up on a shelf. You can also switch between seasonal decor items easily. 

On Your Desk

If you’re searching for a more modest way of displaying your diploma, you can opt to frame it and stand it up on your desk. This is a great way to remind yourself of your accomplishments as you begin your workday. If you rent an apartment and are afraid of damaging the walls, this is also an easy way of displaying your diploma without inciting the wrath of your landlord. 

Remember that you don’t have to choose the traditional dark wooden frame as well. Opt for thinner gold frames or even clear frames if you want it to blend seamlessly with the rest of the decor on your desk. Pair it with inspiring quotes for an even more motivating grouping. 

The Achievement Wall

If you live with a partner or children that also have achievements they’d like to showcase, consider grouping them together in a special area of your home. This can give your children a greater feeling of accomplishment when they see their own certificates and trophies next to yours.

Showcasing your achievements next to your partner’s can also give you both the feeling that one person’s accomplishments are also the other’s.

Big and Bold

If you’re proud of your diploma and want to showcase your hard work in a bold way, don’t be afraid to frame it in a large custom frame or in a custom-made plaque. Many people often overestimate the size of certificates or artwork they hang on walls when they’re not in a group. 

For instance, an 11×14″ frame may seem large in your hands, but above a couch or a desk it will look minuscule and create an unbalanced look. If you’re hanging your diploma alone, opt for a large 16×20″ frame that’s made out of the same materials found in the room. 

A mahogany frame will look beautiful and austere if it’s hung above a mahogany desk. On the other hand, a room featuring bright metals like gold or silver will look even better with a large bright gold frame showcasing your diploma. 

Showcasing Your College Diploma the Right Way

When it comes to displaying your college diploma, you’ll first want to choose where you want to display it. Take a look at the textures and materials already in your room in order to determine the style of frame. For instance, if you have a minimalistic, modern office space, you’ll want to choose a floating glass display or a frame with narrow borders. 

On the other hand, a diploma in a traditional wooden frame will look right at home in a room that features warm wood accents. Ready to acquire a replacement or novelty diploma of your own to display? View our fake diplomas and transcripts today!