How Much Does a Replacement Diploma Cost?

Graduating from high school is a significant life milestone, and receiving a diploma is an important symbol of that achievement. This document is also a requirement for certain occasions. Getting a job or entering college may both request a copy of your high school diploma on hand.

However, misplacing a high school diploma is more common than you think. Plenty of things can go missing amidst the chaos of moving, changing jobs, renovations, and life in general. If you’ve lost your high school diploma, there’s no need to panic! It’s simple to get a replacement diploma. But how much does a replacement diploma cost, and is it worth the money? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions and more.

The Cost of Replacement Diplomas

If you’ve misplaced your diploma, you may be able to get a new one from your school. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to obtain an official copy for those who graduated many years ago. In this case, the best thing to do is buy one online.

It is perfectly legal to purchase a replacement diploma for those who truly graduated from high school. This new copy will seem just like your official one in terms of words, writing style, signatures, as well as seals. However, many people are mistaken that buying a replacement high school diploma would break the bank. This is simply not the case. It is possible to purchase one for as little as $79. After which, the document is ready on the same day for digital formats and the following day for paper.

Benefits of Getting a Replacement High School Diploma

Buying a replacement high school diploma will cost you some money. However, here are some reasons why it’s worth the investment:

Quick To Arrive

Requesting a replacement diploma from your school is always an option. A downside to this is that it takes a while to complete the paperwork and receive your certificate in the mail. However, you may not have the luxury of waiting. If you have a job interview within the week and the company wants a copy of your records, you might need to get your diploma immediately. Purchasing diplomas online will speed up obtaining a copy of your credentials.

Easy and Convenient

If you’ve moved out of state or graduated decades ago, requesting a replacement diploma from your former high school can be a hassle. Buying one online will help save you time and effort. It’s as simple as providing your information, paying for the replacement, and waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Several companies can replicate your lost diploma exactly. Your copy will be virtually identical to the real thing and others won’t notice the difference. 

The Bottomline

Diplomas are crucial documents that you’ll need as you progress through life. However, there is a high chance that they will get misplaced. Luckily, you can get a replacement copy online at a reasonable cost. If you ever need a copy of your credentials for employment or college admission, buying a high school diploma online is an excellent option.