Does an Unofficial Copy of Your Diploma Have To Come From the Degree-Granting School?

There are numerous reasons why people buy an unofficial transcript or a fake diploma. Many graduates buy a manufactured diploma because they’ve damaged their official certification and requesting a replacement takes time and money.

So, when is an unofficial diploma applicable? You can use an unofficial transcript or diploma whenever you need proof that you graduated from a particular institution.

Whether you want to apply for jobs or go on to further your studies at a graduate level, having an unofficial copy can come in handy.

Technically speaking, it’s possible to obtain an unofficial transcript or diploma from a non-degree-granting institution. As long as the claimant’s records are on file with the school, it doesn’t matter where the person obtained his unofficial transcript.

Unofficial vs Official Transcripts

The main difference between unofficial and official transcripts is the school seal and signature. Most, if not all, unofficial transcripts do not have a school seal or the registrar’s signature.

On the other hand, an official transcript has both the registrar’s signature and the school seal. The registrar’s signature verifies that the document is an official student record from the school, while the school seal gives credibility to where the transcript came from.

However, some employers might not require an official transcript as long as they can verify that the transcript comes from an accredited institution.

Many companies are willing to accept unofficial transcripts during the hiring process because they understand that getting an official copy of the transcript takes time.

They are often willing to wait for the official copy if the candidate does well during the interview process.

Top 3 Reasons Why People Buy Fake Diplomas

There are many reasons why people buy fake transcripts or diplomas online. They may have changed their name or are in dire need of an academic credential. Reasons vary for each buyer. Here are some of the most well-known factors why people opt for a fake diploma:

One of the most common reasons people buy fake transcripts is because of a name change. This is the case for most married people who have changed their last names.

Change of Name

The process involved in legally changing your last name is a lengthy and expensive one. You have to go to the Social Security Administration and file a bunch of paperwork, and that’s just the beginning.

You can also request an official transcript copy reflecting your new last name from your university, but this process might take extensive time. Because of these reasons, buying a fake diploma or transcript is the best way to go.


Another common reason people buy fake transcripts is to submit an urgent requirement. There are cases when you possess an official copy of your diploma or transcript, but it was torn apart or destroyed.

Requesting a new official copy might take a long time, and the work opportunity you are chasing might pass you by.

This is a common scenario for some graduates and undergraduates who are on the verge of closing a job offer. If you are one of these unfortunate people, you might resort to buying fake diplomas.

Buying fake transcripts and diplomas online is much faster and cheaper than paying for a new official copy. Keep in mind that as long as you have an official record with the university of your diploma, you’re good to go.

On-Going Education

Maybe you are one or two courses away from graduation, and you’re presented with a rare career opportunity. Still, you don’t have a diploma or transcript at your disposal.

In this case, ordering a fake diploma or transcript might be your best option. As long as you have an official record with your school, you can get away with a fake transcript.

When Is an Unofficial Transcript Allowed?

Academic Standing

One of the most common uses of an unofficial transcript is to verify the person’s academic standing. Unofficial transcripts contain the person’s weighted average in every class and their overall grade for the entire duration.

This information is necessary during employment or job hunting. Because of this, many applicants opt to purchase or request an unofficial transcript when applying for jobs.

However, you must remain vigilant when using unofficial transcripts to apply for jobs. Some employers might allow you to use an unofficial transcript at the time of your application, but they may require you to bring an official copy when you are hired.

General University Use

An official transcript or diploma is primarily used for external university needs. In contrast, an unofficial transcript is enough to be used for internal university purposes.

Some professional organizations also require that members have a certain degree from an accredited institution. However, these organizations might be willing to accept an unofficial transcript or diploma if they can confirm that the document is legitimate.


Academic milestones appear at the very end of a student’s transcript. These milestones are usually placed after the student’s graduation requirements, majors, and weighted average.

An unofficial transcript has these academic milestone listings because it is helpful for internal and external purposes.

Some employers or organizations use this information to verify their completion of a major or minor requirement. In contrast, others use it to show the number of credits they’ve taken in the institution.

External Transfer Credit

An unofficial transcript is also helpful when transferring credits to another institution. Most universities require an official transcript from the institution where the credit was taken when transferring credits.

However, if the receiving institution can verify that the credits came from a legitimate and accredited school, they might accept an unofficial transcript. Some institutions might not even verify this credit information with the student’s former university.

It’s essential to remember that not all universities accept unofficial transcripts for transfer credit. You must conduct your own research beforehand to avoid any trouble.

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