What Information is on a High School Transcript?

Not all high school graduates want to go to college. In fact, around 34% of high school graduates do not enroll in college. Instead, they decide to pursue other interests or focus on pursuing employment opportunities.
If you’re part of this 34%, then you should know that your high school transcript is a powerful tool. Prospective employers view high school transcripts as an effective tool in deciding whether or not they will hire a person.

What Classes Look Good on a High School Transcript?

Planning for college starts by being aware of how important your high school transcript is. For starters, your high school transcript basically represents you as an applicant for a particular college you want to attend. This document contains your high school grades, the classes you took, and your GPA. All these factors will be reviewed by a college admissions officer so they can determine whether you’re a good fit for their institution.
Equally important as your GPA are the classes you took during high school. Core courses such as math, science, and languages are generally what colleges look for in a high school transcript. As such, make it a point to take up the following classes to make your high school transcript appealing to prospective colleges: