How to Get a Copy of Your High School Transcript Long After Graduating

Have you been out of high school for a while? Would like to apply to a college or university?

Then it is important to know how to get your high school transcripts. This is because most institutions request for the transcripts during the admission process. A high school transcript is one of the documents that help college staff know more about you.

The transcript shows your high school grades, the classes you took and GPA. It is most likely the first document your admission officer will review. It is concrete evidence showing that you attended high school. 

The school can ascertain that you are prepared to attend college. The transcripts may also help to determine any transfer credits based on the classes you took in high school.

Apart from college admissions, some employers, especially government agencies, require high school transcripts as part of the hiring process. If you lost your transcripts or can’t trace them, you don’t need to panic. High school transcripts can be easily replaced.

Here are some of the ways you can use to replace your high school transcripts.

1. Contact Your High School

Your first step should be the school you graduated from. If it’s in your locality, you can visit the main office and obtain your transcripts from the registrar’s office. They can also be collected at the student services or student counseling offices.

Be sure to contact them first to inquire about the collection procedure. If you are not sure whom you should contact, you can use the main information line. This is important because high school security can be strict.

They could deny you entry if you did not make an appointment or have a student pass.

2. Online Services

If you no longer live near the school, try the school website. Most high schools now have online services. If your school has this option, it is the easiest one to use.

The alumni or student services pages are likely to have information on how you can get your transcript online. You can have them delivered to a college or employer on your behalf. This applies especially when the official transcripts are required.

Official transcripts are sealed by the school and posted to the inquiring institution. If you choose to have them posted to you, do not break the seal on the envelope. Breaking the seal renders the transcripts unofficial.

Be advised that there may be fees charged for obtaining copies and distributing them on your behalf. Whether you pay a fee or not depends on the school you attended. Research on how your school handles the process so that you are aware of any fees involved.

3. The School District Office

School district offices have a record retention schedule. They keep the records for all the schools in the district. Note that the records are retained for a specified period.

If the years after you graduate are within the specified period, your records are likely to be stored at the local school district office or the county board of education. Depending on the high school you attended, you can make the request online, via phone or through the mail.

You can look up your school on the National Center for Education Statistics website. The district should get a copy for you and send official copies on your behalf. If you attended a private school, check on the page for private schools.

4. The State Department of Education

If you can’t find your school district or it no longer exists, your next stop is the state department of education. They have a list of schools in your state. They should get your copy of your transcripts.

5. Getting a High School Transcript Through the School’s Custodian of Records

This applies to those who attended private schools. In a case where the school shut down, you can contact the organization that handles school accreditation in your area.

Find this institution in your state. It is responsible for maintaining records for schools that have closed down. You will need to provide as much information as you can about the school. e.g., name, address, state, and the years you attended. 

6. Third Party Sites

If you have exhausted the above options without success, you can try third party sites online. They can replace copies of your transcripts for a fee. The duplicate or fake transcripts look like the originals and can be used in applying to colleges and jobs.

They are safe to use because your high school can collaborate based on other records. You can get your duplicate transcripts with ease and comfort.

These sites eliminate the hassle of using the above steps. You only need to fill in a form that captures all the details required for your transcripts. More so, third-party sites have plenty of layouts that would work for you based on the school you attended.

Remember, these services come at a fee which is not high considering it is hassle-free. You will pay for a handling fee and shipping fee.

Also, the service provider needs a go-ahead from you before printing your transcripts. This offers you the opportunity to make sure that there are no mistakes in the final product. More so, you get a chance to confirm that the product is up to the standard. While shipping, you can track your transcripts. This gives you confidence that your product will reach you.

Copies of Your Transcripts Anytime

The need for high school transcripts may arise when you least expect it. No matter how many years ago you graduated, some employers need you to present a high school transcript. If you happen to have lost yours, they can be easily replaced by getting a duplicate. You may also need to get copies from third-party sites in case your school takes too long to ship the original copy.

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