What Classes Look Good on a High School Transcript?

Planning for college starts by being aware of how important your high school transcript is. For starters, your high school transcript basically represents you as an applicant for a particular college you want to attend. This document contains your high school grades, the classes you took, and your GPA. All these factors will be reviewed by a college admissions officer so they can determine whether you’re a good fit for their institution. 

Equally important as your GPA are the classes you took during high school. Core courses such as math, science, and languages are generally what colleges look for in a high school transcript. As such, make it a point to take up the following classes to make your high school transcript appealing to prospective colleges: 

Advanced Math 

Advanced math courses are necessary, especially in a world that continues to evolve technologically. Various real-world problems can be solved with a deeper understanding of mathematical principles, whether for simple calculations or advanced ones that can send a spacecraft exploring beyond the Earth. 

By taking advanced math courses such as calculus, trigonometry, or algebraic theory, you’re showing college admissions officers that you can understand complex concepts and can stay focused. This is especially helpful to students who want to pursue engineering courses and the like. 

Advanced Science 

Biology, chemistry, and physics are just some of the advanced science courses you can take in high school. These courses give students a higher understanding of how things work, as well as how living things function. Advanced science courses may also go hand in hand with math courses, which will benefit students who wish to pursue computer, health, or environmental courses in college. 

Advanced science courses in your high school transcript can let prospective colleges know that you have what it takes to be a critical thinker and can comprehend data-driven concepts alongside practical applications. 

Advanced Writing and Language Arts

Good communication is one of the key factors of having a successful career in the future. As such, many colleges see advanced writing and language arts as an appealing inclusion in any high school transcript. 

Knowing how to write and speak well is important when expressing your ideas in a manner that everyone can understand. Most, if not all, colleges value students who are adept at speaking and writing in English fluently. Those who are knowledgeable in foreign languages can be especially attractive to colleges, more so when you are pursuing courses that can land you in a career abroad. 

“College Prep” Courses

Other “college prep” courses depend on the college you want to attend. These prep courses typically focus on successful college admissions by giving high school students a taste of what it’s like to attend institutions for higher education. Some schools may even arrange for students to visit a nearby college or require them to get 18 hours of college credit before they can acquire a high school diploma. 

Plan Your Future 

Knowing which advanced courses to take can significantly enhance your high school transcript, as well as your chances of getting admitted to a particular college. If you’re wondering what a great high school transcript looks like, you can always get a novelty copy from phonydiplomas.com and use that as the ideal transcript you want to achieve!