Faking a High School Diploma: Should You Do It?

You probably know someone who’s used a fake ID to score some booze. Hey, you may have even done this yourself — but you’re reading this right now, so you’re probably not incarcerated for fraud.

Nonetheless, should you fake your high school diploma? The answer isn’t as clear-cut as the algebra class you might not have attended (or did you?).

If you want a nice piece of paper to hang on your wall, go ahead and get a fake high school diploma. If you’ve got a GED anyway, you can at least talk the talk. Nobody’s going to ask questions.

However, try to pass your fake diploma off as something legit for an admissions credential, and you’ll end up on the World Education Services’ Red Notice. Ok, the WES has no red notice, but you get the point; faking a diploma for admission to a university is not a good idea.

Read on to find out when and when not to get a fake high school diploma!

It’s Illegal to Fake a Diploma

If you try to use a fake diploma for educational or job-related purposes, you’d be breaking the law. According to Prep Scholar, you’re risking committing academic fraud. This is especially true if you’re using a high school diploma for admission to a university. In other words, it’s illegal to use a fake high school diploma if you’re trying to get into college or any other higher learning institution.

You may not be found out right away. However, here are a couple of things to think of.

First, universities are becoming a little more sensitive to the issue of academic credential fraud. Many aren’t pulling any punches in finding out which credentials are authentic and which aren’t. If you’ve heard your pals telling you how long the college admissions process takes, this is partly why.

Second, even if you were to somehow slip under the radar, your high school diploma or its authenticity may come under a lot of scrutiny. How? Well, if you’re going for a medical degree or a law degree after college, schools will dig deep into your academic history. That is, medical and law schools will do checks on your academic past until — you guessed it — high school. 

Hence, if you’re faking a high school diploma, you can be discovered and sued for credential fraud. To be a doctor, lawyer, or any regulated professional, all credentials need to scream “legit” — including your high school diploma.

In short, you shouldn’t fake a diploma if you’re getting into college.

When Is Faking a High School Diploma OK?

To be clear, it’s always “OK” to fake a high school diploma. After all, what’s the harm in saying you attended high school at Hogwarts or Charles Xavier’s School for the Gifted? These examples point to one situation when you’re fine faking your high school diploma.

When You’re Faking It for Comedic Purposes

It’s healthy to have a sense of humor. It’s even better when your sense of humor is self-effacing. One of the ways you can do this is with a fake high school (or college) diploma on your wall. Whether it’s on your living room wall or your office, you’re showing the world that you’ve got no issues being funny.


Besides showing off your whacky side, you can use your fake high school diploma for something a bit more serious. More specifically, you can promote yourself using one, and there’s nothing illegal about doing this.

Hence, even if your diploma is fake, you can flaunt it all over social media. You won’t get in trouble with anyone or the law. As long as it’s strictly self-promotional, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

To Replace a Damaged Diploma

This applies to you if you did graduate from high school. If so, you may have a high school diploma that’s dated, to say the least. For most people in your situation, heading to the school from which you earned it is the key to an authentic replacement. Quite a no-brainer, right? Wrong!

What if your old (and we do mean old) high school closed down? Even worse, what if you now live in a different state? Going to your old school will either be impossible or just downright impractical.

In such a situation, all you would need is your old diploma and a company that can copy it to the letter. Find one. Hire one. Get a secondary school diploma that looks just as fresh as when you graduated.

When You Need a Second Copy that Looks as Legit as the Original

In some situations, you’ll need to submit a copy of your diploma. Sure, you can turn in scanned copies. However, there are some areas where the original or a certified true copy is necessary. One such scenario is when you’re looking for a job.

Getting a certified true copy to add to your resume or CV will require you to do one of two things. Either you get one from your high school (which, again, isn’t always possible) or copy your diploma and have a notary sign it (pricey).

What do you do? A way to work around this is to order a fake diploma. Fake diploma companies allow you to go all-in on customization. All you need to do is send in your specifications, make your order, pay for it, and wait a few days.

Shorten this process by sending a scanned copy of your original high school diploma. By the way, it’s not fraud if you’re replicating an original document.

Let’s Get You that Fake High School Diploma Fast!

Should you fake your high school diploma? Yes; you can if you’re in the mood to mess with your pals or advertise yourself as a degree holder. The only time you probably shouldn’t do it is when you’re trying to get into college or get a job.

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