Holiday Hijinks: Gifting A Fake Diploma This Holiday Season

The holiday season’s coming up, and chances are, you’ll be gathering around with your loved ones to exchange presents.

While you can always follow the trends and buy the most popular gifts, why not think outside the box a little?

One great idea is to gift funny diplomas this holiday season. This idea can be quite clever, as you can make people laugh so hard, they’ll think you should be a professional comedian.

Here are some great ideas for funny degrees that’ll make great gifts.

Best Mom Ever

Ok, this one’s not as funny as it is thoughtful and appreciative. Our mothers do lots for us as we grow up, and even in adulthood, they still constantly have our best interests at heart.

Show her how much you appreciate everything your mom’s done by getting her a fake diploma certifying that she’s the best mom ever, in the whole entire world. This present might just be a tearjerker! Not only for your mom but maybe you and a few other family members as well.

If your mom’s not in your life anymore, you can still give out this diploma to someone who you really appreciate for always being there for you. 

Celebrate Permanent Bachelorhood

Perhaps you’ve got a brother who’s sworn never to get married. Or maybe you have a cousin who’s always unlucky in love and has never even gotten close to being engaged.

If you feel like they won’t be sensitive to you poking fun at their singledom, and that they’ll join in on the laughter, then give them a fake diploma that congratulates them for graduating from the University of Permanent Bachelorhood.

This is guaranteed to have everyone laughing. And what’s better is if they do eventually get into a serious relationship and/or married, then they have this ironic diploma to show for it.

Certified Insanity

We’ve all got that crazy cousin who’s always off doing the most outrageous things. You’d swear they were shooting a movie with all the amazing and shocking things they’re doing.

Show your family member that you’re in awe of what they do by giving them a diploma that certifies their insanity. This diploma isn’t too mean, which means they’ll be proud to hang this in their home.

This gift is a great way to turn the conversation to what they’re currently doing or what plans they have coming up. It can make for scintillating conversation!

BS in Being a Douchebag

This one should be reserved for your close friends who can really take a joke. You’re calling someone a name, after all.

If you’re always joking around with one another and both of you can usually roll with the punches, then this fake diploma can be a really funny one. It’s made doubly funny with the “BS,” as it’s a play on words.

Have a dramatic reveal for this present, with it being nicely wrapped. The look on your friend’s face when they unwrap it will be priceless when you watch their face transform from being happy to mock offended.

Graduation From Trump University

This present can work in two different ways.

For one, if you have a relative who actually is a Trump supporter, they might actually like this as a genuine gift. They can show their support for the current president and hang this fake diploma proudly.

The other way to gift this is by doing so ironically. If your friend and family circles consist of non-Trump supporters, so you can wind them up by giving them fake diplomas from Trump University.

Once they get over belly laughing, they can then put this diploma to good use. They can hang it up with the rest of their legitimate certificates and diplomas, then watch their clients scratch their heads when they come in and see this up there!

Graduation From Witching or Wizarding School

Do you have some family members or friends who love the fantasy genre? Are they always going on and on about Harry Potter? Then this is a gift for them.

Find out what their favorite books, movies, or games are, then craft a diploma from that. You’ll see them break out in the biggest smile when they unwrap this special diploma from you.

This can also be a great present for the kids since they’ll really believe they’ve graduated from the fantasy school of their choice. It’ll really make their holiday season!

Certified Couch Potato

You probably have a relative or two who love being holed up in the house, curled up on the couch, watching their favorite TV shows all day. All your family members probably make fun of them, so join in on the ribbing with a fake diploma.

Not only should you certify them as a couch potato, but you should also put how many hours they’ve done to complete this certification. This imitates a real certification, but it can also make it all that much funnier when you put it down on paper.

And who knows, they may actually be super proud of how much time they spend on the couch!

Give out a Funny Diploma or Two This Holiday Season

If you’re a fan of gag gifts, then why not purchase a funny diploma or two this holiday season?

Laughter is always good medicine, and what better way to spend time with your family than to giggle over these special diplomas you’ve made? These will last a lifetime and they can even hang them up proudly. That way, they can remember this particular holiday gathering for years to come.

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