How To Find a High School Diploma Template

The easiest way to get a high school diploma template is by searching the internet. There are dozens of sites providing examples of how a high school diploma should look like. Designs can vary between schools, but some of the most important aspects of a high school diploma template can include:

  • The school’s name
  • A short declaration that you’ve successfully completed the required course
  • Your full name
  • Date the diploma was given
  • Where the diploma was given
  • A signatory, such as the principal or relevant faculty members
  • The school’s seal

When looking for a high school diploma template, here’s what you can do:

Check Out Sites Offering Printables

There are numerous sites offering printable templates of every kind, even those for high school diplomas. These templates can be customizable but how much of it you could change may depend on what the site allows. For sites offering printables, diploma kits, diploma templates and even printing for you, there’s usually a set template and you just need to fill in some of the blanks, such as the school’s name, your name, and the date and location.

In some cases, you may be able to talk to a seller and ask whether they can fully customize a high school diploma template for you. Most  replacement diploma companies can do that for you as well.  

Once you’ve chosen your template design and filled in all the details, you can download then print out the diploma template on a piece of paper. You can choose any paper type but parchment paper is the most widely used for authentic diplomas. Parchment paper can come in different colors, namely:

  • Aged parchment
  • Pewter parchment
  • Natural parchment
  • White parchment

Look for Templates In Design Websites

Aside from sites that offer printables, design websites can also have high school diploma templates available. Because of their very nature, most design websites can offer more customization options. Depending on the site, you may be able to get templates for free or for a small price.

You may also print your customized high school diploma template on parchment paper. In the U.S., diplomas typically come in either 8.5 inches by 11 inches or 11 inches by 14 inches. International diplomas are usually printed on A4 size paper.

You can also make your own design from scratch, but it’s far easier to tweak templates offered by design websites.

What Can You Use High School Diploma Templates For?

Contrary to popular belief, printing a customized high school diploma template isn’t always for dubious or illegal purposes. Getting one can just be for fun or personal use. Here are some of the ways high school diploma templates can come in handy:

As a Replacement

Losing your copy of a high school diploma can be inconvenient. Getting a replacement isn’t always feasible as you might already live away from your high school. It can also be difficult to get in touch with your former high school, especially if you can’t find their current contact information or if the school district no longer exists.

PhonyDiploma, Most Trusted

If you still want to get your high school diploma but can’t commit that much time and effort to get an actual replacement, a printed template should do. Of course, you shouldn’t use this copy when you need to submit formal requirements.

As Decor

Having a framed high school diploma neatly hung on your wall or displayed in your living room can be a nice touch. But if you’ve lost the original copy, you can simply replace this with a high school diploma template.

The good thing about high school diploma templates is that since you can customize them, you can improve the design compared to the original. If you’re feeling a little creative, you can even make the template match the design of the room it’s going to be displayed in.

As a Prop

If you’re making a film or are having a mock high school graduation ceremony just for fun, you certainly don’t want to use an authentic diploma as a prop. In this case, you can just print out a high school diploma template and keep your original diploma safe in its case or frame.

Is Printing a High School Diploma Template Illegal?

Printing out high school diploma templates is not necessarily illegal. What does get you in trouble is if you use these templates to fake your credentials. Even if you successfully fool an employer or a member of a college administrative staff, the act itself still constitutes fraud. This can lead to legal ramifications. Thus, when printing high school diploma templates, make sure you’re only using them for your entertainment or personal, legal reasons.

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