How to Get a Copy of a Lost High School Diploma

Did you know that eight decades ago, less than 50% of Americans aged 25 and older completed high school? Or that today, that number has now jumped to an impressive 90%?

That means the total number of high school diploma holders have reached 194 million! This is no doubt something to celebrate about.

At the same time, it also shows how crucial a high school diploma is for employment. After all, more than a third of employers require a job applicant to have at least finished high school.

So, if you find yourself with a lost high school diploma, it’s best to secure a copy first before going to a job interview.

We’ll show you all the ways to get a duplicate of your diploma, so be sure to keep reading!

Why You Should Always Have a Copy of Your Diploma

Before we answer your question, “How do I get a copy of my high school diploma?”, let’s look at why you need it first. This way, you’ll have a better idea of the vital roles this piece of paper plays in your life.

It May Help Boost Your Chances of Getting Employed

In 2018, about 5.6% of U.S. adults aged 25 years and older who held less than a high school diploma didn’t have a job. As for those who did graduate high school but didn’t pursue college, the unemployment rate was 4.1%.

Remember, your diploma may only be a piece of paper, but it’s proof of your educational attainment. If you can’t prove that you finished high school, you might become part of these statistics.

Some Employers Want to See an Actual Diploma

Many employers, like Google, Apple, and Starbucks, offer positions to non-college graduates.

Great news, right?

Indeed, but the reduced educational requirements also mean closer scrutiny of each applicant. So, if your resume says you’ve finished high school, an employer may ask you to show proof. This saves them a lot of time and trouble having to go through all those other applications.

And with lower employment requirements, they’re sure to get a lot of applicants.

So, help your potential employers save time and money by furnishing a copy of your diploma! This may help you score brownie points and have better chances of landing that job.

Your School: The First Place to Ask for a Copy of Your Lost High School Diploma

Look up the contact information of your high school and ring them up. Tell them who you are and that you’ve lost your diploma. Ask the school registrar’s office if you need to visit the school or if you can process the request online.

In most cases, you need to pay your school an actual visit as you need to sign documents. If you still have your school ID, bring it so it’ll be faster for them to unearth your student details. Make sure you bring cash too, as most schools charge a fee for creating copies of school documents.

What to Do if Your School Closed Down

Over 27,000 public schools have closed from 1995 to 2015, which means your school may already have closed! If so, your next best step is to find out which district office it belonged to. Google the district’s contact information and call them about your lost diploma.

School districts should have records of all public high schools, including the students. They may help you secure a copy of your diploma if your school has closed down.

Call Your State’s Department of Education

If your school’s district has closed down, call your state’s Department of Education. They may be able to provide you with more information on where to get your school records. Tell them your name, the name and exact address of your high school, and the year you attended.

Purchase a Diploma Online

All the steps above should be your priority, but keep in mind that they can take days, even weeks. It’s an even bigger problem if you moved to another state and your school registrar told you to come in person.

The good news is, there are online services that can duplicate lost high school diplomas. They can produce a similar copy of your diploma and ship it to you within one to two business days. You can even get a digital copy of your diploma within the same day if you need it ASAP.

Must-Dos When Buying a Diploma Online

Before you purchase a high school diploma online, make sure you first look at the emblems and seals used. They should use real-pressed, embossed emblems or metallic gold foil.

Also, ask what kind of specialty paper and ink the fake diploma provider uses. Their materials should have similar properties to those schools use for official diplomas.

If you still have a photo of your diploma, compare it with fake diploma samples. It should have the same font type, text size, and paper measurements. The placement of the text, logo, seal, or emblem should also be the same as the original diploma.

You can also ask your high school friends to send you a copy of their diploma. Use this as a guide when comparing fake diploma templates online. It’ll help you find a provider that creates copies that look exactly like the original.

Custom services are also available, which is great if you have a photo of your original diploma. You only need to send them the copy online, and they can create an exact duplicate.

Get a Copy of Your High School Diploma Now

There you have it, all the possible solutions to a lost high school diploma! Make sure you get in touch with your school now, especially if you have job interviews soon. You may also want to buy a diploma online while waiting for your school to ship your official copy.

This way, you have a back-up in case it takes too long for your school-issued diploma to get delivered.

Need to have a copy of your high school diploma in as little as two days? We can help! Feel free to give us a call so we can get started in making a realistic reproduction of your diploma.