How to Get a Copy of Your College Diploma

Have you lost your diploma or wondering how to get a copy of your college diploma?

It’s as simple as getting a fake diploma made for multiple reasons. If you’re still skeptical about having a fake degree made, continue reading. We’ll show you how beneficial it can be.

How to Get a Copy of Your College Diploma

If you’ve just moved and lost your diploma in the process, or your diploma got lost in the mail, or you simply don’t have access to your diploma, it can be stressful trying to figure out what to do.

Most careers require a college diploma and it can be difficult to obtain a job or maintain one without proof of a diploma in your hand.

Whether you’ve just graduated college and still haven’t gotten your diploma in the mail or you haven’t completed college, giving your boss a replacement diploma will show them your dedication and prove your status as an employee.

How do you get a replacement diploma, anyway? Start by contacting your university.

1. Contact Your University

If you’ve lost your diploma or it simply never came in the mail, contact your university firsthand to find out how to get a replacement as soon as possible.

This process is different for every college, however. You’ll need to make sure you complete whatever information they request of you and pay any fees you need to pay before securing your replacement diploma.

Your university should have no issue granting you a new diploma and you should be able to order a replacement quickly.

2. Order a Replacement

Once you’ve communicated with your school on how to get the process of a replacement diploma going, you may have to submit a written request to them to officially order a new diploma.

Make sure you’re aware of the process of doing this, as you can be blindsided by hidden fees if your college isn’t upfront about having a new diploma made for you.

Otherwise, you should have no issue having a formally remade diploma from your university itself. 

3. Consider Having A New One Made

There are several reasons you may not be able to get a new diploma from your college. If your university has shut down or unexpectedly lost its standing, it can be difficult or impossible to have them make you a new diploma.

If your university charges a high fee to have a diploma remade, you may not be so keen on ordering from them.

Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s difficult to have your alma mater make your diploma again. There’s another way to have your diploma though–have a fake college diploma made.

5 Reasons to Get a Fake Diploma

Typically, the stigma is discouraging for having fake diplomas. But there are several great reasons why you should have no guilt about having a fake degree made.

Some of these reasons include not being able to contact your school and not having the resources to obtain a new one.

It’s perfectly acceptable to have a fake diploma made as long as you don’t try to use it for legal purposes. A fake degree is not meant to be officially used in any deceptive ways, which will land you in trouble with the law.

However, you can absolutely buy a fake diploma for standard, everyday reasons. Here are some great reasons to buy a fake degree.

1. To Have a Stand-in for Your Real Diploma

If your college diploma hasn’t come in the mail yet and you’re applying for jobs, you might want a fake diploma made to look just like your real one to show to your boss during the hiring process.

This will help you prove your status unofficially for your position until your real diploma comes in.

Using a fake diploma as an example of your success will help you land that dream job.

2. To Have a Framed Copy and Keep Your Real One Safe

Sometimes, having your real diploma hanging in your office can be stressful. You could have it go missing, it could get damaged, or you might just not feel safe having it there in public.

That’s why getting a fake diploma to look just like your real one is beneficial–you can have the fake one framed in your office and your real one safely at home. 

This can be encouraging to those who are worried about having their valuables stolen or damaged. There’s no reason you have to worry about your real diploma when it’s stored in a file at home. Simply have a diploma maker create a new one for you to display.

3. To Boost Your Confidence

If you haven’t graduated high school or college, it’s not the end of the world. However, other people can make it seem that way to you.

If your family or fellow employees make it hard on you for not obtaining a degree, why not boost your confidence by getting yourself a degree?

As long as you’re not using your fake diploma for legal reasons, you can absolutely prove to yourself that your knowledge doesn’t have to be shown off with a difficult college degree. You can gain respect by having a fake diploma made just for you.

4. To Have One as a Prop

If you work in theater or media production, sometimes you’ll need realistic props to bring the scene together.

Your production can have a fake degree made to look incredibly real and wow the viewers. If a character has a degree, might as well make a fake one to look great on stage or on screen.

You can also have a fake diploma as a prop in your own home. Have fun with changing names and universities to have a great collection of fake diplomas in your home office.

Have a Fake Degree Made to Complement Your Success

Whether you’re looking for how to get a copy of your college diploma for a replacement, a status symbol, or a prop, you can find all your solutions with a fake diploma service.

If you’re ready to start the process of your fake college diploma, take a look at our extensive selection today.