How to Get a Fake Diploma (and Why)

Wondering how to get a fake diploma? Or perhaps you’re even wondering why you’d need a fake diploma. Either way, you’ll find the answers right here.

In the following guide, we list several popular reasons why people get fake diplomas and what they use them for. We also provide instructions on how to order one for yourself.

More importantly, we’ll tell you what you should never, ever use your fake diploma for unless you want to be prosecuted for fraud. Rest assured, though: there’s nothing illegal about owning and displaying your fake diploma, or any of the other uses listed below.

In short, you’ll find all the answers you need to know about ordering a fake diploma from this guide. Read on to learn more.

Reasons to Get a Fake Diploma

First of all, why would anyone want a fake diploma? Actually, there are lots of reasons why lots of people order fake diplomas every day. Here are the most popular reasons to get one.

1. To Replace a Real One

Diplomas are a government-certified document—official proof of one’s educational achievement. As such, there are very strict laws in place to prevent this document from ending up in the wrong hands.

The downside is, these laws make it very difficult, sometimes even impossible, to replace a real diploma that you’ve lost. To do it, you’ll have to make some phone calls, mail in a written request, pay a fee, and jump through a few more hoops as well. Even then, it’s possible that the school that issued the diploma no longer exists.

But those who can’t order a real replacement diploma can still order a fake replacement for sentimental value.

2. For Fun/Gifts

Your fake diploma can say anything you want it to. If you so desire, you can order one that says you graduated from “Banana University” with a master’s degree in “Tomfoolery.”

This makes your fake diploma a fun novelty decoration for your wall. These also make great, personalized gifts.

3. For Props

Since they look as official as a real diploma, they can be used as a convincing prop in films or plays. A genuine-looking document with a certain character’s name on it adds some realistic detail to the production.

4. Your Real Diploma Is Ugly

Perhaps you earned a diploma from a cheap, online college. But, as legitimate are your real diploma is, it may be very unimpressive to look at.

So, order a decorative replacement diploma that you can be proud of and frame it on your wall. Then, put the real one safely away in your filing cabinet.

Are Fake Diplomas Legal?

Yes, ordering, owning, and displaying a fake diploma is 100% legal. However, what you do with that diploma might not be.

A fake diploma is simply a decorative prop with your name on it. If you use it that way, as a decoration or prop, there’s no problem.

But, if you try to pass it off as a real diploma, to use it as a real diploma, that’s academic fraud, which is very illegal. For example, let’s say a university won’t admit students who haven’t earned their high school diploma. If you attempt to get accepted into the school by claiming that your fake diploma is real, that’s fraud.

How to Get a Fake Diploma

It’s extremely easy to get a fake diploma. But it’s less easy to get a high-quality one that you’re happy with. Follow these steps to get the perfect fake diploma for you.

1. Decide What Kind of Fake Diploma You Want

The type of fake diploma you want determines how and from where you will order it. For example, do you want a goofy, novelty diploma? There are companies that specialize in that. 

On the other hand, are you trying to replace a real diploma from a real school? If so, you want a company that can perfectly duplicate every specific detail. Such details include the type of paper it’s printed on, the font the school uses, the design, the official gold foil seal of the issuing school, etc.

These are details that not all fake diploma issuers can duplicate. You’ll need to find a company that specializes in replicating real diplomas from actual schools. Also, check online reviews about them to see how good their work is. And see if the work is guaranteed in case you’re unsatisfied.

2. Find the Right Company

As we mentioned, you need to find the fake diploma company that’s right for your needs. Make sure they specialize in the type of diploma you need and that they’re reputable.

3. Follow the Instructions

The company you end up choosing should provide instructions on how to design and order the diploma you want. You’ll need to provide the information that you wish to appear on the diploma including your name, the school’s name, and the type of degree/diploma.

Often, there will be templates for you to choose from. Choose the appropriate template and then just fill in the blanks with the requested information. Otherwise, follow the company’s instructions on how to order a custom diploma.

Keep This Guide

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On the other hand, are you unsure which type of diploma you need? We can help with that, too. To learn all about it, read What Are The Different Types Of High School Diplomas?