How to Turn a Fake Certificate Into a Hilarious Gag Gift

Are you looking for different ways to prank a friend? Do you want a gift that’s going to bring a smile to the recipient’s face? If so, then you need to learn all about how to use a fake certificate as a gag gift.

It’s the last thing they’d expect as a gift. That makes it the perfect one-off present to capitalize on an inside joke. All you need is the proper phony diploma creator to turn it into a reality.

See below for an in-depth guide on how to turn a fake certificate into a gag gift, as well as a few gag gift ideas.

How to Turn a Fake Certificate into a Funny Gift

When people hear the word “fake diploma”, they typically think that someone’s illegally creating a college degree. 

Fake certificates themselves are perfectly legal. It’s only illegal if you try to use it for personal gain (such as getting a job, a promotion, etc.).

So how can you turn a fake certificate into a funny gift? First, you’ll need a clever idea of the “school” you’ll use (see below for a few recommendations).

For now, let’s say that you want to get a friend a fake transcript from Hogwarts—that’s a Harry Potter reference, for those of you that didn’t know.

First, start by browsing our inventory of fake college certificates. After selecting the template you want, you’ll fill out our fields for information such as:

  • School name
  • School address
  • Graduates name (as you want it to appear)
  • Date of graduation
  • Degree and Major
  • Custom Classes (Potions, Transfiguration, Dark Arts, etc.)
  • Grade Point Average
  • Student ID number
  • Date transcripts were issued

With this information, you’ll be able to create a fake certificate that looks so real, your friend will think it’s real. 

Imagine the initial look of confusion, and then the loud laughter that will ensue when they read their name next to a fake school.

Why Go With a Fake Certificate As Your Gag Gift

Full disclosure, there are some pretty awesome gag gifts out there. However, most of them are corny and look as if they’ve had very little effort put into them.

For example, there’s always that one friend that buys someone a lump of coal around Christmas time… how original!

That gift feels like a slap in the face because it makes you feel as if the giver simply reached into their grill, pulled out the gift, then wrapped it in a box.

Make no mistake about it, gag gifts need to have thought put into them as well! That’s why a fake certificate makes for a hilarious joke gift. 

It’s personalized and authentic. They’ll know that you went the extra mile to have it created. Another hilarious aspect is that they’ll wonder where in the world you had an official-looking document created. 

We offer many different forms as well. You can get a printed version sent in the mail, as well as a digital copy emailed directly to you. You’ll be able to proof the design to ensure a perfect fit before it arrives!

Gag School Ideas to Get Started

Perhaps you’re unsure of which “school” to send your receipt to. Which one do you want to turn into their make-believe alma mater? See below for a few ideas to get started.

1. School of Hard Knocks

We all hit bumps in this crazy thing called “life”. There are some things life teaches us that a book simply cannot.

Why not use that as a gag gift? For example, let’s say your buddy lost to you in a game of basketball or some other matchup.

Giving them a diploma from the “School of Hard Knocks” is sure to get a laugh from everyone. The recipient will enjoy the thought and the confidence you’re exuding with it.

You can get even more laughs by creating a fake transcript and listing all their defeats as “classes” they passed.

2. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

Any X-Men fans in the house? If you and your friends are huge comic book fans, then this one seems like a home run.

You can make up some sort of hilarious superpower that they graduated with, as well as some goofy class names on their transcript.

This can work for virtually any group of superheroes that they’re most interested in. For example, you could put “Avengers Academy” or “Justice League School” instead.

Not only will the recipient laugh when they open it, but they’ll also hang it with pride in their man cave, apartment, office, etc.

3. Rival School

Everyone has that school that they hate. The one that gets under their skin whenever they do well. 

For most people, that’s the rival of whichever college and/or high school that they attended. If you want to make them laugh and slightly tick them off, then get them a fake diploma from their most hated school.

Don’t worry! Laughter can overpower anger, so as long as your friend laughs at the joke, you’re in the clear.

Be aware though: there’s a slight chance they throw this gift away as soon as they open it!

Create a Fake Certificate As a Gag Gift Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth article on how to turn a fake certificate into a hilarious gag gift, use this information wisely.

Take the time to browse our website for more articles on the 8 reasons you should consider purchasing a fake degree.

To get started, simply select the template that you want to use and fill in the fields—it’s that easy!