What Makes a Quality High School or College Diploma Replacement?

During your move, you were sure that you placed all those important and sentimental documents into that one very safe box, and now… oh where did that box go?

So much of our lives depends on pieces of paper that can so easily go missing. When you lose a passport or a driver’s license you can go to a government agency, but what do you do when you lose a college or high school diploma? You can just go back and graduate again! You may need a college diploma replacement.

A missing diploma may not seem like the end of the world. Likely, no one will ask to see that specific proof of your graduation again, but a diploma is the physical sign of all your hard work. It feels good to see it hanging up on your office wall and it instills a sense of trust in your clients when they encounter it.

Any old replacement just won’t do. The last thing you want is something tacky or unofficial hanging on your wall inspiring embarrassment instead of pride. Check out these helpful tips to make sure that you’re getting the best possible fake diploma as a replacement.

Why You Need a College Diploma Replacement

There are a few reasons that you may want to replace your diploma if it’s been lost or damaged. 

First, it’s the outward expression of the hard work and financial sacrifice you put into receiving your degree. It may be the only souvenir you have of that time and effort, so you should have it to gaze upon and feel proud.

Another reason is for verification purposes. Sometimes jobs, graduate schools, and other opportunities require proof of graduation from your previous programs. What better proof than a faxed or uploaded PDF of your diploma itself. Having your diploma says that not only were you responsible enough to be awarded one but that you were responsible enough to retain or replace it as well.

Try Contacting Your Educational Institution

Whether you need a high school diploma replacement or a college diploma replacement, the most authentic version that you can receive will be from your institution. However, this doesn’t mean that it will be the best-looking option (more on that later).

Contact the Registrar’s Office

The office most likely to be able to help you replace your diploma will be the office of the registrar at your high school or college. They keep a record of everyone who took classes and graduated from the institution and is an essential part of the diploma awarding process. 

Only You Can Request a New Diploma

Keep in mind that you will have to do this work yourself. No one else can request a copy of your diploma and you’ll have to prove your identity in order to get one. So if you lost your ID with your diploma, you should handle getting a new ID first before attempting to get your diploma.

If you are looking to replace the diploma of a deceased family member or friend, the next of kin or executor of the estate will be the only ones capable of making the request. They will have to provide the student’s death certificate and proof of their position as someone with rights to their diploma.


There are fees involved with obtaining a replacement diploma from your university and it can really end up costing you. Some can cost as much as $150, but there are equally good and less expensive options available to you. 

When to Get a Novelty Diploma Instead

Sometimes there’s a better option than calling your alma mater for a new diploma. There are high-quality diploma replacement services that can reproduce your diploma. Just make sure that you’re choosing the right service by keeping these reasons in priority.

Your Institution No Longer Exists

Sometimes colleges and high schools close, or they combine with other schools and lose their previously recognizable name. Sometimes things get lost in records and though the institution still exists, your time there may have been lost.

This is a great reason to purchase a novelty diploma. The best diploma replacement services will let you choose any university or high school past or present for your new diploma. Make sure that they also include all the necessary seals, mottos, and headings.

The Cost Is Too High

If you don’t plan on using your diploma replacement as an official document, why pay an official document price? A novelty diploma can often look just as appealing (or more so) with a much lower cost. Compare services to find the best cost-to-quality ratio. Cheaper isn’t always better, but you should be able to find something more cost-effective than your school’s demands.

Your Diploma is Unattractive

Sometimes online courses offer diplomas that just look dingy looking. But you still deserve something beautiful to display on your wall to let people know the hard work that you put in. You can use a diploma replacement service to get something better than a piece of computer paper.

Look for services that allow for customization and print on high-quality card stock instead of typical paper.

Get Your Diploma From an Ethical Source

As important as it is to look into what your diploma replacement service will do, it’s also important to know what they won’t do. Any service offering PHD or MD diplomas is unethical and may land you and them in legal trouble. Remember to only get diplomas for work you put in or ones that are clearly for novelty purposes only. 

A Diploma That’s As Good (Or Better) Than the First

Whatever the reason you need a new diploma whether that’s because it’s been lost or it was never that good in the first place, the right service makes all the difference. Oftentimes it’s more desirable to contact a diploma service than it is to contact your educational institute. Just make sure they’re ethical and high quality before you do.

Do you want to make a great college diploma replacement choice without the guesswork? Check out our available diplomas today!