What Not to Do with a Replacement Diploma

Having a college degree comes with an added extra value of $1 million in lifetime earnings.

That’s a lot of additional cash for completing a few years of schooling. If you’re a college graduate, however, you know that all the hard work you put into receiving your degree is worth more than gold.

But, what’s the price of a diploma if it’s fake? Maybe you actually received your degree and want an extra replacement diploma to show off in your office.

There are a few things to know about novelty diplomas, such as when and how to use them. Here’s a list of things not to do with your replacement.

The Legality of Fake Diplomas

When you need a diploma in a hurry, purchasing a fake diploma can be a great idea. You’ve already done the work and graduated. Perhaps you’ve misplaced your real one!

So, you’re not technically lying. Right?

Yes and no.

If you’re using a novelty diploma to misrepresent and deceive, then you’re using it illegally. This means that if you didn’t graduate from Yale, don’t request a fake diploma from Yale and try to use it during a job interview.

One federal employee worked for five years with the Department of Interior before they found out he had faked both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He got off without prosecution, but it’s still a tricky situation.

So, rule number one is to never use your fake diploma to lie or deceive anybody, especially a potential employer. You should only use these types of diplomas should as gag gifts or as a way to substitute your real diploma when it’s lost or damaged.

Many people purchase replacement diplomas to use when they’ve actually earned their real one but have lost it. This is technically okay, but it’s still not 100% legal.

So, it’s best to check with your local authorities or simply be open and honest about your situation. Now, on to other things you shouldn’t do…

Don’t Apply to Any University

As mentioned above, if you plan on buying a high school diploma to replace a lost one, that’s okay. However, you shouldn’t use it to a real university.

If you didn’t actually receive your high school diploma, then you shouldn’t be using a novelty diploma for anything.

This devalues the work that others have put into receiving their real diploma. However, if you’ve done the work too and simply need a stand-in, it might be tempting to buy a fake diploma.

In this case, it’s best to speak with your high school or educational institution and explain your situation. The often provide rush services if you need your diploma for something very important.

This is the best option due to two reasons:

  • If the university finds out that you’ve lied, they will reject you immediately and you may receive fines.
  • If you apply and get in and the university later finds out that you lied, they will expel you immediately. That’s a lot of wasted time and money.

Fake university certificates are a great way to replace a lost diploma

Oftentimes, we can even use a scan of the original to make your replacement look more realistic. This is great for sentimental or aesthetic value.

However, they’re not designed to stand in for the work needed to receive a real one.

Don’t Apply for a Job

Well, yes you should be applying for jobs! You just shouldn’t do it with a fake diploma in hand.

The biggest reason is that HR managers are getting pretty savvy to this trick. Blockchain is now even changing the hiring game by allowing students to own a verified digital file of their real diploma.

In the same report released regarding Blockchain technologies, 75% of HR managers stated that they have found a lie on a resume. This means that they know what to look for and will likely catch you if you try to fake it.

Secondly, it’s important not to lie about your training. If you use a novelty certificate that states you completed a B.S. in Engineering, you probably won’t be able to perform the job duties correctly anyway even if you do receive the job.

Don’t put yourself in a position of compromising your professional reputation or the efficiency of a workplace just because you lied on your resume.

Instead, be open about your other relevant skills and highlight all of the positive reasons why you didn’t pursue a secondary degree.

Using a Replacement Diploma for Good

So, what can you use a replacement diploma for? Just about anything that doesn’t involve lying or fraud! They’re fun gag gifts, and they’re great for:

  • Photo purposes. If you want to take a photo on graduation day with your diploma but know it won’t be ready for the big day, purchase a novelty certificate!
  • Props. If you’re making a short student movie or even a feature film, then using a high-quality fake diploma looks real and convincing.
  • Duplicate. If you want to keep your original diploma safe at home, then order a replacement one to hang in your office to show off your accomplishments to clients. You’ve put in the work, so it’s okay.
  • Inspiration. Want to inspire your loved one to complete their degree? Order a diploma online with their name and gift it to them to encourage them to push through all of the difficulties.

The list goes on and on! As long as you’re being smart about how you use your phony diploma and only using it for good you can use it for just about anything.

If you still have questions about the quality of our diplomas, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information. Or, contact us with a special request!