7 Best Ways to Display Your Degree at Home

Earning a degree and a diploma is one of the most rewarding feelings. You’ve worked hard to get here and this small piece of paper is proof of your hard work, dedication, persistence, and determination to never give up. 

It’s only right that you display your degree in your home. When guests come to visit, they’ll see it and might even begin to ask you about your educational background and the type of work you do today. 

As you bring your diploma home, you’ll need to find a good spot for it. You want to find a place where people can see it but also a place where it won’t take away from your other design elements as well. Below is our guide on how to find the right spot. 

Continue reading to discover the best space for degrees in the home!

1. Hang It in Your Home Office

If you have a home office, then this is a perfect spot to hang your degree. Place your degree in a frame and then hang it on the wall above your desk, just make sure it’s straight. You’ll want to find a spot that’s visible to your clients when they come in. 

The wall behind the desk is a good choice because clients will normally sit down at the desk and face this wall. You can also consider hanging it on the wall to the side of the desk, next to the chairs. This way, when your clients come in, they won’t have to stop to question your credentials. 

They’ll know that they’re working with a professional, and it’ll remind you that you worked hard to get here. 

2. Hang Multiple Diploma’s in Order

Another great way to hang diplomas in the home is to hang them in order if you have multiple degrees. Although your last degree might be the one that matters most, you don’t want to forget how hard you worked to achieve the other ones as well. 

It’s also a nice reminder to see where you got each degree from if from different schools. When hanging multiple diplomas, hang them in order of importance from left to right. You can place them in a straight line or in a different type of pattern if you desire. 

How impressive will your wall look with multiple diplomas or degrees hanging on it? It’ll look just as impressive as you are. 

3. Purchase a Custom Frame

When your degree is finally delivered, it doesn’t come with a frame. You can purchase a frame from the school you receive the degree from, but you can also consider purchasing a customized frame for it. There are several different ways to frame your degree.

The ultimate choice is up to you. You can have it placed on a plaque, place it in a floating frame, or have it in a unique frame of your choice. Degrees look great on plaques but remember the actual degree won’t be protected this way.

Choose a frame that fits into your home’s design, or choose something that really stands out. When placing it in a customized frame, you can also have any other awards received, such as an honors-program certificate placed in the frame alongside the degree. 

4. Place It on Your Desk or Counter

You don’t always have to hang your degree either. If you have a desk, you can place the degree in a standing frame on your desk. Make sure it’s front and center for everyone to see when they approach your desk. 

You can also choose to place it in a standing frame on a counter or on a displace shelf in your home. Wherever you put it, just make sure guests can see it. Remember that earning your degree didn’t come easily, and you should be proud of your accomplishments. 

5. Display It With Decor Items

If you want to display your degree in your home but don’t want it to stick out like a sore eye, then there are ways to display it with your decor items. For example, if you have a wall with family pictures on it, you can frame the degree and then hang it in the center of the wall. 

Place the other frames with photos in them around the degree. The same is true when placing it on a shelf or counter. Put some other decor items on the shelf or counter as well, and make your degree a part of your home’s decor. 

6. Set It on a Shelf With Other Achievements 

Do you have other life achievements on display in your home? Maybe you’ve won a few trophies or medals in your day. Maybe you’ve completed different programs and receive certificates within your career or something else. 

Create a shelf or display that holds all of your many achievements. Find one that has hooks under it to hang your medals on if needed. 

7. Have It Engraved on Wood

Another creative way to show off your accomplishments is to have it engraved on wood. This is not the same as having the degree placed on a wooden plaque. Instead, the degree itself will remain untouched, and you can keep it in a safe place. 

Professionals will take a copy of your degree and have it engraved into a wooden plaque. You can then hang the plaque where you please. 

How Will You Display Your Degree?

With so many different wonderful ways to display your degree, how will you show yours off? Take a few tips from this post, and don’t forget to find a place where everyone can see it.

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