7 Factors to Consider When Buying Novelty Diplomas

Are you looking to buy a fake diploma? Even though many people frown at the idea of buying novelty diplomas, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a thriving business. People from close to 200 different countries buy fake diplomas.

As for the reasons behind the patronage, they vary from person to person. Most people buy fake degrees to help them land a job faster. Others buy one to get the job promotion that they want.

However, others get them as replacements after missing the original ones. Some buy them as a stand-in while working for the real thing.

But regardless of your reason, there are key considerations when buying novelty diplomas. Continue reading below to learn more about these factors that will help you get the best phony diplomas possible.

1. The Schools That You Want

The first thing to consider when buying novelty diplomas is a company that produces the diploma of the school that you want. With so many colleges and universities around the world, not every company can replicate diplomas from all schools

Thus, check if the companies can produce authentic-looking diplomas from the academic institutions that you want. Also, if you’re looking for a fake diploma for employment purposes, make sure the diplomas don’t come with the words “authentic novelty diplomas” anywhere in the paper.

Some fake diploma companies may emboss these words on the product. This is something you do not want to see either at the front or the back portion of the diploma.

2. Quality and Materials 

After coming up with a list of companies capable of creating the diploma that you want, you need to check the quality and the materials that they use. One of the key elements behind an authentic-looking fake diploma is the type of paper.

Find a company that uses high-quality paper. This will ensure that people will have a hard time knowing that your diploma is phony even after a close inspection.

To do this, you want to request for sample pictures of their products. You want to ask for high-resolution pictures so you can see the details especially the small ones. 

And speaking of the details, you want everything to be correct. You want the diploma to have an accurate writing style as its original counterpart. 

Additionally, you want to check the portfolio of the diploma maker. Go over their catalog and look at the range of diplomas and transcripts they offer.

3. The Privacy Protection Conundrum

If there is a touchy consideration you need to deal with, it is this one. There are cases of fake degree companies violating the Privacy Protection Act.

The violation happens during the online transaction. Before customers can complete the sale, they must first provide their personal information to the diploma makers. However, some of these online sellers take your personal details and sell them to other companies. 

Ideally, a reputable company will destroy the customers’ personal information as soon as they successfully deliver the diplomas.  

Thus, you must study the privacy policy of the company before ordering anything. 

4. The Price Tag

No list of key considerations is complete without touching on the issue of the price tag. You want to get something that is affordable and within your budget. Hence, you need to compare the prices of the companies in your shortlist.

Take note of the ones that offer the cheapest diplomas. Do the same thing for the ones that come with the steepest price tags. From there, look at the possible reasons why they price their items that way. 

Keep in mind that all companies will claim that their products are superior. However, it is in the details where the best stands out from the rest. If a company offers diplomas with prices above the others, find out what’s different with their items. 

Also, don’t go automatically for the cheapest in the bunch. Consider all the factors about the actual products, as well as the external ones.

5. Turnaround Time

Sometimes, people look for fake diplomas that they need the soonest possible time. If that is one of your requirements, be sure to inquire about the turnaround time of the companies. 

How fast can they send the diploma to your doorstep? It is best to find a company that offers one-day shipping. Also, you want to go to a company that sends your items safely.

This includes securing the diploma in a discreet box.

6. Guarantee in Delivery

When it comes to delivery, you need to protect yourself from delivery fraud. There are cases when customers who order fake diplomas only to end up waiting in vain for the delivery to come. These unscrupulous companies entice you to buy their products by offering sweet deals.

Thereafter, they will take your money and will not honor their word. In such instances, there is not much you can do but to file a legal complaint. 

Thus, make sure to choose a company that has valid contact details. This means they should have a working email address, phone number, and physical address, if possible.

7. Customer Service and Reputation

Last but not least, consider the reputation and customer service of the company. To check these aspects, go to the customer feedback section and see what their clients have to say.

Were they happy with the quality of the diplomas? Did their orders arrive on time? Also, take note of any negative feedback or serious complaints. 

You want to pick a company that comes with stellar feedback about their customer service. If people have any serious complaints, then it is best to strike that option off your shortlist.

Get the Best Novelty Diplomas, Today!

Getting novelty diplomas is a great way of expediting your job hunting exploits. And if you’re searching for a reputable company for fake diplomas, then you came to the right place. 

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