Are PDF Diplomas the New Parchment?

Post-pandemic, schools are issuing PDF Diplomas in lieu of parchment as covid continues to reshape work and education. Glassdoor states that 79% of job seekers use social media when conducting their job search. Over 84% of organizations are recruiting via social media with another 9% planning to do so that haven’t already. The issuing of your Degree in PDF form equates to that of practicality as everything is going digital.

Why not mail the Diploma to graduates like they used to? 

Websites like LinkedIn and Indeed have changed the game when it comes to job searching, where you resume, diplomas and credentials are there for every recruiter to see. It’s far more practical to have a PDF of your diploma so it can be viewed from any location, especially post-pandemic when many employees prefer to work from home, and their office may be in an entirely different State.

Another thing to consider is that as of Fall 2020, some 75 percent (11.8 million) of all undergraduate students were enrolled in at least one distance education course, and 44 percent (7.0 million) of all undergraduate students exclusively took distance education courses.

Ultimately, however, it’s a cheaper option for the school, easier to archive and is seemingly uncomplicated when it comes to issuing the diploma PDFs to the students. As with many things in life, it comes down to the cost and convenience.

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In conclusion…

  • Schools are issuing PDF Diplomas to save money and make them easily accessible to distant learners
  • Recruiters no longer require a hard-copy of your degree or a diploma, as a PDF will now suffice due to the uptick in remote jobs.
  • can have a PDF replica of your degree to your email within 24 hours!
  • If you only have a PDF and would like a parchment Diploma, we can ship a replica to your door via UPS within 2 business days!
  • Get a PDF Diplomas to have a paperless version of your degree that can be accessed from any computer. Because companies are now expecting a simple digital version of a diploma, it is important to display proficiency in technology by presenting yourself with an official looking document and not just a photograph or saved email.

If we’ve learned anything at all, it’s that things are ever evolving, even hundreds year old education institutions who are expected to keep with ceremonial tradition.