Custom Diploma: How to Get a Reproduction of Your Diploma

It happens to the best of us, you tuck your diploma away somewhere and when needed you can’t find it. Maybe the basement floods and your box of mementos, including your high school and college diplomas are destroyed. Maybe your credentials are intact but you want to be able to display them at more than one location.

When you order a novelty custom diploma you receive a quality product that may be used for display purposes in your office, home, or any other location. During the production process, you may add stamps, seals, logos, and emblems to enhance the look.

If you are looking to replace a diploma and don’t want to go through the lengthy delay of ordering one from your place of education, look no further. We are going to give you everything you need to know about how easy it is to purchase a replacement diploma.

Is a Replica Diploma Legal?

It is easy to assume that getting a diploma reproduction is illegal. This is not true. Places that manufacture diplomas and transcripts are legitimate, legal businesses and are not committing any crimes.

It is perfectly legal to create a diploma reproduction as long as you are not manipulating the data. In other words, you are not creating a transcript that changes your grades or falsifies your degree in an attempt to obtain a position you lack qualifications for, such as an attorney or doctor.

Many people purchase custom diplomas for a variety of reasons including:

  • Replace a diploma that is lost or destroyed
  • A safety backup
  • As a display piece, keeping the original in a safe location
  • To fill in during the delay it takes to receive an original
  • As a joke gift for any event or purpose, your imagination can dream up
  • As a prop for a play, movie, etc.

The reasons someone may want a fake diploma are infinite. By using a reputable company that provides a quality product you may purchase a fake diploma plus transcripts with one affordable package.

Selecting a Custom Diploma Company

When it comes to purchasing a custom match diploma, trying to select a reputable company can be challenging. There are a lot of websites that sell fake diplomas, but not all provide the same quality and prompt service.

Check out the quality, time it takes to obtain your diploma, whether or not they offer proofs prior to printing, and what their return policy is. You need to make sure you receive a product that is perfect for the purpose you intend it for. Check their website for samples of the work they provide.

Compare the replica diploma you will receive with the original. All punctuation, stamps, embossing, etc. should be in the exact same position. That is what ensures you have a quality product that will not come into question by those who see it.

You also want to verify what type of paper and other materials they use. Can they handle embossing, seals, etc.?

What is their policy on signatures? You do not want a company to forge signatures, and they should state clearly on their website that they will not do this.

Check their online testimonials to see how their customer service is before and after you receive the product. Are prior customers happy with the results, or disappointed and unable to obtain satisfaction?

One of the most important factors in the purchasing process is to make sure the company you work with has a 100 percent trust guarantee that the product you receive will contain all the elements you order. By doing your due diligence you will contract with a company that provides you with a diploma reproduction you will be proud to display.

Why Purchase from

Getting a custom diploma is easy from You simply submit a scan of the item you need a reproduction of. Phonydiploma will evaluate the item and return to you a complete quote including price, turnaround time, and full details on what you will receive.

If you want to check out the quality of our product, simply request a free sample. We will provide a sample of the designs we have available for your school’s diploma, transcripts, certificates, and more.

We use all top-of-the-line diploma paper stock in your color choice of cream, eggshell, or aged. We also offer a leather padded diploma folder that provides authentic protection to your reproduction diploma. The folder is printed on the front with “Diploma of Graduation” in gold embossing. 

We also use realistic transcript paper similar to what universities, high schools, and colleges use. All replacement transcripts are printed with premium 60# opaque text on acid-free paper. The transcripts contain the Thermo Tech word “copy” or “void” in the background, a watermarkand erasure alteration protection.

Spelling will be correct and the item will be to the specifications you supply on your order. Everything will be exact, including the size of the paper, the wording and capitalization on the degree, and the seals and emblems you choose. The finished product will be free of smudges and damage.

If you find a problem after receiving your order, contact We will remake ship a replacement to you at no charge.

We operate in compliance with the 1974 Consumer Credit Card Act §75. The Act provides protection if you purchase an item with a credit card and do not receive the product as promised by the supplier.

Steps to Ordering a Replacement Diploma

To place an order, complete the online order form for the custom match diploma and transcripts you need. Once you complete your order click on the “add to cart” button. You may then review the details of your order before clicking the “continue to shipping and payment page” button.

You will now enter your information, including your email, shipping address, billing address, and payment information. Click on the “agree to this site terms” button, followed by the “place order” button.

That completes the ordering process and you will see a popup window with your order number. If you do not receive a popup window, look at the top of the order form to see if there are any error messages. Once you correct any mistakes you will be able to select the “place order” button and receive your order number.

You will receive a pre-print proof to review within two to three business days. You need to respond to the proof email within a week with your approval or changes. Your order will ship based on the selections you make during the ordering process.

We offer USA, Canada, and International Shipping. Time frames and methods vary from one to two business days to six to nine business days depending on your selection and location.

Order Your Custom Diploma Today

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