Everything You Need to Know About Novelty Diplomas

Novelty diplomas make great replacement diplomas in case yours gets lost or damaged. They’re also a great resource in preventing loss, theft, or damage to your genuine diploma. Many people don’t consider the risks involved with displaying an original diploma.

These same people end up with their diplomas getting lost or damaged and have to wait months for a replacement to arrive. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about novelty diplomas. 

We address why they make a great replacement, how they can be used for a gift, and whether or not they’re legal. Continue reading if you want to know why you should be ordering yours today.

What Are Novelty Diplomas Used For?

Novelty diplomas look amazing and are very convincing, but what are they used for? Almost anyone can benefit from a novelty diploma, even if they already have one. The most common reasons people seek out novelty diplomas are for a replacement, display, prestige, prop, or as a gift:


If your diploma gets lost or damaged, you’re going to need a replacement. Unfortunately, a genuine replacement diploma can take 1 to 2 months to arrive. If you need a replacement ASAP for a job or other reason, you should look into a novelty diploma. 

Unlike with a genuine diploma, you can choose the shipping speed for your replacement diplomas. Whether you need it in just a few days or a week, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll get your diploma in time. 


After working so hard to earn your degree, you understandably want to hang it where others can appreciate it. However, do you want to risk it getting lost, damaged, or stolen? Most people don’t want to take this chance and opt for novelty diplomas instead.

There is low risk involved when it comes to displaying a novelty diploma. Plus, they look authentic and no one will know the difference except you. You can easily re-order a replacement diploma if it does end up getting lost or damaged. 

Impressing Your Friends

Even if you didn’t go to school and obtain a diploma, you can still gain the social prestige that comes with having one. Novelty diplomas look authentic, so it’s easy to fool your friends into believing it’s legitimate. You can hold your head up high when friends and family visit your home with a quality novelty diploma on your wall. 


Attention to detail makes all the difference when it comes to movies and plays. Using cheap props can affect the quality of your production. That’s why a novelty diploma makes an excellent choice for movies and plays.

As we said, the right novelty diplomas look legitimate. It’s difficult to tell the difference between a fake diploma and a real one. Using a high-quality novelty diploma will help elevate the quality of your show. 


Whether it’s for a gag or sentimental reasons, novelty diplomas make excellent gifts. You can even use them to present an honorary diploma or a diploma unique to your organization. The prestigious appearance can make a great joke that much more hilarious and an organizational diploma that much more special. 

What Types of Novelty Diplomas Can I Get? 

The options for novelty diplomas are not limited by occupation, field of study, or school. They aren’t even limited by country. You can choose virtually anything to put on a novelty diploma.

Some of the most popular options include high school and university diplomas from schools around the world. However, you can get novelty transcripts and certificates as well. 

How Can I Customize My Novelty Diploma?

If it’s not clear by now, we’ll re-emphasize that novelty diplomas are highly customizable. Your options range from the information included on the diploma to how the information is displayed. Some basic options include: 

  • School Name
  • Student Name
  • Major and Degree
  • Date of Graduation

Design options for your novelty diplomas include paper color, university seal, print color, and more. 

What if I Want an Exact Copy?

If you need a replacement diploma, you might start to panic if you don’t see a design option that’s close to your existing diploma. However, this isn’t a cause for concern because you can utilize our custom match option. For this option, you only have to upload a copy of your diploma with your contact information.

Once received, our specialists will evaluate the design and send you additional information. You can review the price quote, turnaround time, and more before deciding whether to purchase. It’s a risk-free and worry-free option in case you need an exact copy. 

Is It Legal to Own a Novelty Diploma?

Some of our clients worry that by purchasing novelty diplomas, they’re breaking the law, but they aren’t. The creation, printing, and possession of a novelty diploma are completely legal. You can hang it in your home and office without worry.

However, there are some uses of novelty diplomas that are not legal. You should never use a novelty diploma or a replacement diploma to commit fraud. While a novelty diploma is a great display option, it shouldn’t ever be passed off as the real thing in legal or formal situations. 

For example, using a fake diploma to gain entry to a school or to receive a job is considered fraud. This is especially frowned upon if you don’t have the credentials specified on the certificate. Be mindful of how you choose to use your novelty diplomas or replacement diplomas and you will be in the clear. 

Get Your Novelty Diplomas

A novelty diploma comes with peace of mind if you’ve lost your original diploma and need a replacement fast. It can also help you gain the social prestige you crave if used in the right way. Regardless of your reasons for needing a novelty diploma, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your diploma. 

Maybe you want to give your friend a gag gift that you can laugh about for years to come or want a new way to honor employees at your job. Presenting them with a high-quality diploma is sure to make a positive impact. 

Check out our wide variety of customizable novelty diplomas on our website and order yours today