Do Fake Diplomas Work? (And Where Can I Get One?)

Today, more and more people are going to college and graduating. In fact, over 33% of adult Americans hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

A diploma is a powerful piece of paper, as it paves the way for better opportunities. However, for whatever reason, you might not have a high school or university diploma in your hands, but you want to open those doors of opportunity.

Are you wondering: do fake diplomas work? And where can I get one?

Then keep reading! We’ll answer all your burning questions about fake diplomas.

Do Fake Diplomas Work?

Let’s get the first question out of the way. The answer to this question is a bit complicated.

At first glance, the answer is yes. Fake diploma companies can craft such realistic-looking diplomas that it’s hard to tell the difference between a real and a fake one.

This means that if you need to show a diploma in a time crunch, then a fake one will work in a pinch. This is especially true if you’ve really graduated from school, but have misplaced your diploma somehow. A fake one can work as a substitute while you’re waiting for the real one to arrive.

Fake diplomas also “work” if you’re using them as a prop. For instance, maybe you’re having a photoshoot or are making a movie. Instead of using a genuine diploma (which you’ll risk damaging or losing), a fake diploma can be an excellent stand-in, especially since they’re so well made.

They Don’t Work for Legal Purposes

Now, if you’re trying to purchase fake diplomas to dupe people (such as potential employers and clients), then they won’t work.

Sure, it might help you pull ahead of the competition by displaying attractive credentials. But if you don’t actually have the required industry knowledge, you’ll quickly be found out as a phony. And you may put people’s lives in danger if you’re trying to pass yourself off as a professional such as a doctor or electrician.

Not to mention you could be in huge legal trouble if you’re found to be posing as a professional. Not only can you go to jail for fraud, but you’ll have to pay a hefty fine as well. You’ll probably also be banned from legitimately entering the profession in the future.

What Can I Use Fake Diplomas for Then?

Fake diplomas aren’t completely useless; you just shouldn’t use them to lie to people.

Here are a few ways you can use fake diplomas.

Hang up as a Replacement for Your Real Diploma

Would you like to show off your university degree, but don’t currently have it with you? Perhaps you left it behind in your hometown with your parents after you moved to a new city. Or maybe you never ordered it, or it’s been lost or destroyed.

In this case, you can hang up a fake diploma in your office while you make arrangements to get a new one.

You can still use a fake diploma even if you have your real one on hand. Perhaps you want to protect it from damage, so you want to keep it safe in a fireproof safe. You can then use the fake diploma outside, and if it gets damaged or destroyed, then it’s no skin off your nose.

Use It as a Prop

Have you ever watched a low-budget TV show and gotten distracted by something that’s glaringly bad? You don’t want that to happen with your own photos or videos.

If you’re doing a professional photoshoot or shooting a video, you want to make sure everything in it is as high-quality as it can be. A fake diploma is an outstanding choice, as it’ll look just like the real thing.

Gift It as a Prank

Fake diplomas make excellent gag gifts! You can express your creativity and gift your loved ones with something that’ll make them burst out in laughter.

Plus, they can hang it up on their walls for years to come so everyone can see what a funny and thoughtful present it was.

How to Get a Fake Diploma

It’s super easy to get a fake diploma!

First, you find a reputable company, like Phony Diploma. We’ve been in business ever since 2001, so you know we have the experience and skill to create fake diplomas to your specifications.

Once you’ve found a good company to go with, take some time to go through their selection of fake diplomas. In many cases, they’ll offer not just American diplomas, but ones from all over the world as well. They’ll also have transcripts and other documents, such as certificates, transcripts, and emblems.

When you find a fake diploma you’d like to purchase, select it and then fill out the order form. This will detail what information you want on the fake diploma. You can even pay a little extra to get a proof review and digital copy.

Finish up the order and pay for your fake diploma. In the case of Phony Diploma, you can get yours delivered in a matter of 1-2 business days if you don’t ask for a proof. Otherwise, the shipping time will depend on how complicated your order was.

Get a Fake Diploma Today

As you can see, there are mixed answers to the question: do fake diplomas work?

Yes, they do work, but only if you’re not trying to deceive either employers or clients. They work well as stand-ins for your real diploma if you’ve actually gone to school and done the work. They’re also fantastic as props or gag gifts.

However, if you’re thinking of using a fake diploma to get a leg up without the proper credentials, then think again. While you may get immediate gratification, the consequences are too serious to make it worth doing so.

Are you interested in buying a fake diploma? Then take a look at our selection of college and university diplomas now.