Realistic Diplomas and How You Can Replace Yours Quick

More than a million people have lost or damaged their social security card. The number of people who have misplaced their high school or college diploma is even higher. This can make life exceptionally tricky, as educational institutions occasionally close or change their name.

If you need a replacement degree certificate, there are several steps you can take and things you can do to take care of business. It’s essential to explore these options as soon as possible, as waiting can result in lost opportunities. 

Find out how you can order realistic diplomas safely and quickly!

Why Should I Get Replacement Diplomas?

There are a few reasons why you should order a replacement diploma. They include, but are not limited to, the following situations:

  • You have lost or misplaced your degree or certificate.
  • Your diploma is significantly damaged or soiled.
  • You need proper documentation to certify your resume or educational experience.

If you need a replacement diploma due to these or any other issues, there are a couple of ways you can get that new certificate.

How Can I Get My Diploma Replaced?

There are two primary routes you can choose to take when seeking a diploma replacement. However, only one is guaranteed to end with a new replacement diploma or certificate.

Contact Your Previous Educational Institution

The first thing you should do when seeking to replace a diploma is to contact the educational institution that awarded the degree. This means calling your old high school, college, or university and explaining that you need a replacement diploma.

If they agree to send you a replacement degree, they may charge you a small amount of money for the service. Then, they will most likely ask for your mailing address so that they can send the replacement to you through the mail. Overall, it’s a straightforward process.

However, there are two significant issues with this plan. Firstly, your college or university may no longer exist. Secondly, your old school may not agree to provide you with a replacement degree. 

If your initial attempt to get a replacement via your educational institution fails, then it’s time to try the second route: a diploma replacement service.

Consider a Diploma Replacement Service

Anyone seeking a replacement college diploma or high school diploma is bound to achieve some amount of success via a diploma replacement service. However, the quality of the replacement is dependent on the quality of the diploma technicians.

Consequently, some replacement services make higher-quality, more realistic replacements than others. While they can be far pricier than faster, lower-quality facilities, these replacement degrees can last a lifetime when properly cared for.

Digital copies can be just as convincing as paper copies, but their delivery time is far shorter. If you work remotely, a digital certificate may be more valuable than a physical one. 

The average paper replacement degree costs anywhere from $70 to $650. The costs differ widely, as some replacement degrees include replacement transcript services as well. Also, a high school diploma costs less to replace than a college degree.

What Should I Look For in a Diploma Replacement Service?

There are several qualities and options to look for in a diploma replacement service. To ensure that you’re getting the highest quality product, be sure to keep your out for the following features.


Any replacement service should be able to offer a wide range of degrees and diplomas. This means high school diplomas, secondary school certificates, college diplomas and certificates, and university diplomas. 

They should also be able to match any style, whether it be the basic traditional one for that document type, or a more personalized school or state style. This allows you to get an identical replica of your missing documentation.


You should also seek a replacement service that offers package deals. Often, when you’re missing a diploma, you’re also missing transcripts and other crucial info. Package deals can lessen both the amount of time and money you spend obtaining these documents.

Basic and Premium Services

A reliable diploma replacement service likely offers both essential services and premium services. This means that customers of all budgets can obtain a high-quality replacement degree. Essential services may even tailor to digital workers that only require a PDF version of their degree.


Always, always, look for a service that offers examples and templates. Otherwise, you may end up spending your hard-earned money in the wrong place. Can your preferred replacement service offer you an identical replacement degree?

If not, keep looking. There are many reputable and skilled diploma technicians who would love to have your business.

Where Can I Find Realistic Diplomas?

Your ability to find realistic replacement diplomas depends on where you decide to look!

There are hundreds of diploma replacement services, most of them centered online. However, some do high-quality work that produces outstanding results, and others are incredibly disappointing.

You should view samples of the service’s work before agreeing to any replacement. While a company might talk a good talk, you won’t know how effective they are until you see examples of their previous diploma work. You should also feel comfortable speaking with the service representatives about specifics.

If a replacement diploma salesperson is pressuring you into receiving a service you do not want or need, move on. There are plenty of other diploma service providers that are sure to work with you directly, calmly, and without pressure. The most important thing is not to settle for anything less than perfect.

After all, this your college diploma, your high school certificate, your professional certification! You want it to look as realistic as possible, and you need it to last you a lifetime. The devil’s in the details, so make sure you choose a replacement service that focuses on the smallest aspects of your replacement diploma or certificate.

Call a Diploma Replacement Service Today!

If you’re searching for a new career, moving, or updating/organizing your personal information, you’ll want to obtain your replacement degrees right away. Doing so will ensure that you have the documentation you need to begin any new career path.

Also, you’ll feel confident knowing that your diplomas are safe and sound. You could even take this opportunity to have them framed for posterity! Realistic diplomas are only a click or a phone call away, so call today!

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