Documents You Need When Applying for a Job

When applying for your dream position, your potential employer will have a few requirements that you’ll need to accomplish thoroughly. One of these is the submission of documents that are relevant to your position. You need to secure these as early as the job search stage. This way, you’ll have clear and complete copies once your employer requires them.


Whether it’s a high school or college diploma, this document is a basic necessity that companies will ask from applicants. These serve as proof that you graduated from secondary education or a degree in your chosen field. Aside from serving as an educational record, diplomas give an impression that you’ve worked hard to finish a major undertaking.

This will be given during your graduation or a few months after it. If you weren’t given one or lost it, you can simply contact your school — or us! — for a replacement.


Similar to diplomas, a school transcript serves as an educational record. This document will show your grades in various courses or subjects, GPA, and other data. With this information, your employer can get a better idea of whether your skills and competencies suit the vacancy. 

To get your transcript, you’ll typically need to make a formal request to your alma mater. Make a request to the Guidance Office or School Registrar to send a copy to you or your employer, whichever is more convenient.


If you’re switching to a new career or have experience in a certain field, your employer might request a portfolio of your past works. This is especially applicable to fields like writing, photography, and media. This is where you can showcase your best works and impress your hiring manager.

When creating one, make sure that the project samples you include are relevant to the position. You also want to ensure that your employer can access it, especially if it’s a link to a website or cloud folder. Lastly, a good portfolio is concise and easy to navigate through. Don’t add everything you’ve worked on. 

Proof of Identification

It’s important for your employer to know that you are who you say you are. That’s why documents that prove your identity are essential in any job application. These also help recruiters determine employment eligibility, especially if the candidate is from another country. Some documents that prove your identity are:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Citizenship ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

Get an Unofficial Copy

Documents like transcripts and diplomas are highly important files. You shouldn’t bring them everywhere during your application to avoid damage or loss. As an alternative, you can get copies from Same Day Diplomas. We make personal copies of degrees and transcripts for people to use as unofficial copies. These can be given to recruiters or employers, so you can keep yours safe.