Don’t Panic: Here’s How to Get a Copy of Your Diploma

Do you need to know how to get a copy of your diploma? Perhaps you need a copy to get a new job. Maybe you want to frame it in your office or home. 

You can get a copy of your diploma by contacting your high school or university. However, your school may not have access to your records. That said, you still have some options.

This article will show you how to get a copy of your college or high school diploma in detail. Read further to know more. 

Contact Your High School 

First, contact the high school where you graduated. If you don’t know your school’s contact information, Google it.

Then, you should get a phone number or email address. Don’t worry about a particular extension, as you’ll most likely contact the reception office. 

Tell the clerk that you need to get a copy of your diploma, and they will direct you accordingly. You may have to provide the following information:

  • ID
  • SSN
  • Date of birth

From there, the school will mail a copy of your diploma to your address. You may have to pay a fee to get a copy, but the fee usually isn’t expensive. 

School Closures

In some cases, your school may have closed down. In other cases, you may be unable to get through to your high school. Regardless, you can still get a copy of your diploma. 

If the school closed, contact the school district instead. Make sure you contact the district of your former school.

Type in your school district in a search engine. If you don’t know the school district, you can go on a district-finder website and type in your zip code. 

If you’re still unable to find the district, contact the Department of Education. They may ask for the following pieces of information:

  • Full Name
  • High School Name
  • Graduation Year
  • The town of your former school

A representative can provide school records or direct you to the proper associate.

Private School

In some cases, diplomas from private schools aren’t as accessible as public school diplomas. Start by contacting the school. You can type in the name of the school to get the contact information.

If you cannot find your school, go to the National Center for Education Statistics website to find information about private schools. Enter the name and location.

From there, the website should provide contact information. When you get in touch with your school, convey your wish to get a copy of your diploma. An associate will guide you from there. 

Getting a Copy of Your College Diploma

Are you wondering how to get a copy of your college diploma? Overall, the process involves the same steps of getting a copy of your high school diploma.

Begin by contacting your university. To reach the right person, type in ‘registrar office’ in a search engine followed by the name of the university.

The search engine will provide the phone number and/or email address. After contacting the office, they will tell you how to get a copy.

You may have to fill out a form. Be prepared to provide the following types of information:

  • Name 
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • SSN
  • Student Number

In some cases, you may have to write to the registrar’s office to start the process. Further, you may need to include payment with your written communication. 

The process of getting a college diploma copy depends on the university guidelines. Before submitting a request, ask about the process and if there are any fees involved.

Fees may include printing and shipping costs. In most cases, the fee hovers between $15 and $100. After going through the process, you could wait four to eight weeks to receive the diploma. 

In other cases, you may receive a PDF copy of your diploma to print out. 

If the school closed down, you can contact your state’s Office of Degree Authorization (ODA). The state may also call this office the Student Assistance Commission.

The organization can provide the contact information of the closed school. They may also guide you to the right person who can help you.

If you cannot find an ODA in your state, contact your state’s education department. The education office should have records of your diploma. You may need to provide your SSN and/or graduation year to receive a copy of your diploma. 

Another Option

In certain cases, state agencies may be unable to provide your diploma. Perhaps the records got lost over the years. That said, you can still get your diploma.

Instead, you can get a fake copy of your diploma from a private company. A company will print a copy of your diploma with your name on it.

Additionally, the design and font will match the official diplomas of your school. You can also get different formats, such as a physical copy or a digital one. 

How to Get a Copy of Your Diploma the Fast Way

If you’re wondering how to get a copy of your diploma fast, the most direct way is to contact your school. An office representative will tell you how to get a copy of your high school or college diploma. The school will either send a copy digitally or physically.

In cases where you cannot receive your diploma, you can contact your school district or state department of education to get a copy. You can also hire a company to create a fake diploma with your name and credentials on it.

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