How to Hang Your College Diploma by the Frame

Did you recently secure a copy of your diploma? Did it come with an elegant frame? Then there’s no reason not to display it in your home or office. 

Your diploma is a testament to your hard work. Four years in the university and surviving all its challenges is no joke. And even if it is only a high school diploma that you currently have, you should still be proud of it nonetheless.

Having your diplomas in remarkable college diploma frames are things you should share with everyone. But how exactly do you hang your diplomas the right way?

If you’re asking where to hang a college diploma, continue reading below for the answers.

Hanging College Diploma Frames the Traditional Way

Rolling your diplomas and storing them inside your cabinet is OK. However, it will only collect dust. Termites may even feast on them after some time. 

In the same manner, having your diplomas inside some of the best college diploma frames and leaving them lying on one corner is also a figurative injustice. In both instances, you should consider hanging them against your wall.

And hanging up your diploma also does you more good than harm. 

For starters, let’s discuss the traditional approach of hanging framed diplomas. The good thing about this method is that you can never go wrong. 

There are a few ways of pulling off this classic look. First, you want the diploma to showcase your full degree. Moreover, you want it to bear the name and colors of your alma mater. 

Ideally, you can print the name right at the matting below the actual diploma. As for the matting, it should feature the main color of your school.

This will give you a sense of pride not only for what you accomplished but also for being an alumnus of your college or university. 

Also, you want to use a wood frame with a nice varnish finish. This will give that elegant touch that is perfect for your office.

Additionally, showcasing the name of your alma mater helps distinguish your accomplishments in case you wish to pursue further studies. As you display your various diplomas, people can easily tell where you earned your respective degrees.

The Customized Approach

The second approach to hanging your college diploma is through customization. When it comes to customization, there are many styles to choose from. There are also different levels in personalizing the presentation of your diploma.

For starters, you can still go for a classic touch but with a little tweaking on the side. Do this by going for a vertical frame. You want the upper half of the rectangular frame to feature a professional photo of your alma mater.

As for the bottom half, you want it to be the space for your diploma. And even if it is a diploma for an honorary degree, this style will still work.

The good thing about the vertical frame is that you get to share your diploma while remembering the memories of college life through the picture. 

But if you want something more unconventional, you can add extra details to the matting and borders. You can even include some of your keepsakes and mementos from your college years.

You can also use different colors for the frame. You can mix and match colors to help your diploma stand out easily.

Keep in mind that when customizing your diplomas and frames, you need to pick a style that represents your personality.

Steps for Hanging Your Diploma: Pick a Good Spot

Now that you know the two methods of displaying your college diploma, let us now discuss the process of hanging them. First, you need to choose a good spot to showcase your diploma.

The key is to try hanging your diploma in different spots of the house or office. This will allow you to find that perfect spot where your diploma will shine the brightest, so to speak.

Ask someone to assist you when trying out different spots. Have the other person hold the diploma in various wall spaces. As they are holding the diploma against the wall, stand a few steps back to get a better view.

In case you wish to display several diplomas vertically, make sure to hang the middle one about 140cm from the floor. Otherwise, you can hang them horizontally. But there is a technique in pulling this off.

The key is to hang them from left to right according to their importance. You can start with your high school diploma in the leftmost corner. Follow it up with your diploma for your bachelor’s degree and so forth. 

Do you have four diplomas? Then display them in a square pattern. In case your wall cannot fit everything, pick one that is most significant to you.

And if you’re planning to display your diploma in the office, pick a spot that is visible to your guests. If you work on a desk where you also entertain your clients, consider using the wall behind you.

Hanging It Up

After finalizing a spot, write a small pencil mark on the spot right above the frame. This mark will be your guide once you start hammering a nail.

After writing the small pencil mark, you can now get your nail and position it right below the mark. Take your hammer and drive the nail into the wall. Make sure to keep a 45-degree angle for the nail as you drive it through the wall.

Make sure not to drive the nail too flush against the wall. 

Thereafter, take your diploma and align the middle part of the hanger or wire against the nail. Rest the middle of the wire and adjust the frame until you align everything.

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