What Are the Different Types of High School Diplomas?

Did you know that over 15 million high school students enrolled in the United States?

However, you don’t have to attend a regular high school to get a diploma and qualify for college. Sometimes, you think high school diplomas are consistent and the same. But the truth is that lots of types of high school diplomas exist.

With this guide, you’ll learn what is a high school diploma’s various types. That way, you’re aware when people present it to you. Read on and find out more:

Honors Diploma

This type of diploma is an indicator of a high degree of academic achievement. Take note, receiving this diploma may have varying requirements. As a general rule, this means getting higher level classes like foreign languages or joining in advanced placement courses.

Are you looking to earn an honors diploma? If so, consult with your school’s guidance department to get some advice.

General Diploma

If you’re one of the 3.7 million students from a traditional high school, you’re likely to get this type of diploma. This is an indicator that you met all the basic graduation requirements set by your state’s department of education.

These requirements include taking the following subjects for at least three years:

  • Science
  • Math
  • History
  • English

Aside from these major subjects, you must also take various elective subjects offered by your school. Regardless, upon graduation, you’re guaranteed to get your general diploma. Don’t hesitate to check out our guide here if you’re looking to get a copy of your general high school diploma.

Occupational Diploma

If you’re a student who attended a vocational program, you’re likely to get an occupational diploma. Vocational programs allow students to focus on subjects beyond the ones given in general education. This means having classes that help in developing their vocational abilities.

Vocational schools enable high school students to earn credits in courses like automotive repairs, cosmetology, and others. With this diploma, it means you’re successful in completing a program preparing you for a real job. Lots of trade industries allow students to get an entry-level position if they present this certificate since it’s an indicator that they have the necessary skills.

The best part is that some vocational programs give certifications recognized by various industries to students completing their programs. This is alongside the occupational diploma they get from their high school.

Certificate of Attendance

For students with special needs, they can earn this type of diploma when they join special education classes. Schools award this diploma to students who can’t complete the standard program necessary to get a general diploma. It’s exclusively for those with a recognized disability.

Earning a certificate of attendance depends on the student’s situation. But one of the major factors is the student’s level of function alongside their academic abilities.

Graduate Equivalency Degree

If you fail to complete a traditional high school course, you still have a chance to get a general equivalency diploma (GED). To get this, you must attend and finish an approved course for GED. Then, you must complete and pass a state GED exam.

The point of GED exams is to test whether your knowledge is comparable to a student who finished the standard high school program. Most students dropping out of school prefer to continue with the GED route instead of going back to the usual high school program.

Advantages of Having a High School Diploma

Having a solid education will open up lots of doors to other opportunities. Here are some of the ways a high school diploma improves your life:

1. Lifelong Skills

As you progress in high school, you’ll learn about many varying subjects, ranging from chemistry and math to foreign languages and more. Most of the knowledge you amass during high school applies to real-world situations, such as:

  • Calculating prices
  • Visiting foreign countries
  • Educated discussions

With a solid education, you gain more opportunities to build new meaningful relationships. By learning various subjects, you’ll develop a more solid idea of the career you’d pursue in the future. This helps you lead a more fulfilling life in the future.

2. Marketability

When looking for a job, your academic history plays a major role in your personal branding. Employers need employees with the aptitude for working, solving problems, working well in a team, and overcoming daily challenges. If you possess a high school diploma, it means you have the capabilities of meeting these criteria.

Also, you must have a high school diploma if you plan to attend college. Once you finish your college degree, you will have a broader horizon of job opportunities.

3. Higher Income

Money isn’t the only determinant of success, but earning a bigger paycheck aids in enhancing your quality of life. This allows you to save more money and give you more options for shopping, dining, and entertainment. With a diploma, you can also give your future children better opportunities in life.

Take note, high school graduates earn $10,000 more annually compared to those without a high school diploma. So, never underestimate the power of high school education.

4. Pride

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve a high school diploma. It’s almost impossible to become a master of every subject instantly. Regardless, overcoming the high school educational program gives you this sense of accomplishment and pride.

The satisfaction you feel from getting a high school diploma is priceless. With each school day, homework, test, and presentation, you gain more proof of your intelligence and character. Aside from personal pride, your family will also be proud of your accomplishments.

Achieving high school diplomas in the USA also makes you an excellent example to younger people. It’s especially when you have younger siblings aspiring to get a higher education.

Learn More About the Different Types of High School Diploma Today!

These are the different types of high school diplomas you can get. Use this guide to determine the ones you can get for your hard work.

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