How Do You Apply to College With a GED?

Have you ever wondered if you can still apply for college even if you might not have finished high school? Students might be so close to obtaining a diploma, but just don’t quite get there due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, you might want to consider the GED, which stands for General Educational Development Test. Through a series of tests, it will serve as proof that you have a high school level of education, and it can be useful in applying for the college that you dream of attending. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to apply to college with a GED.

Why Don’t Some People Finish High School and Get a GED?

There are many reasons why some students are not able to finish high school. The most common is that life sometimes gets in the way, and they need to look for a job immediately due to loss of income. Other reasons include lack of motivation, experiencing abuse or bullying, or not feeling supported by teachers and counselors. Whatever the case, it is still not too late. For those who still want to continue to college despite the circumstances, getting a GED can help.

How Do You Get a GED?

The GED exam is usually administered online and covers four subjects: mathematical reasoning, reasoning through language arts, science, and social studies. You must be at least 16 years of age to take the exam. You can take GED classes as you prepare, like the GED Testing Service, which provides online tests and practical tutorials at a low cost. The next step is to create your account on the GED website, register online, and choose your testing center. Once everything is set, you can now start taking the test. To complete all four subjects, it will take you seven and a half hours. Make sure you prepare well!

How Do You Get Into College With a GED?

After testing, score reports will be released online around three hours after completion. To pass the exam, you must earn a score of at least 150 on each of the four subjects. Once passed, you can now use your GED results to apply to the college of your choice. 

What Do Colleges Look for in Terms of Scores on a GED?

College-ready GED scores should be higher than 165. They should also comply with the regular application process for the college of your choice. Some colleges ask you for recommendation letters or essays, so make sure you are prepared. The higher the score, the better.


Taking the GED exam can let you continue your educational path to college. Even better is that you can still have a copy of your ged made through Same Day Diplomas or Phony Diploma! Contact us now to gain proof of your education even sooner!