How Long Does It Take To Get a Fake Diploma?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to get a fake diploma, the answer may surprise you. Here’s everything you need to know.

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of fake diplomas are being printed and sold to customers globally? However, it is not necessary that someone is using a fake diploma to unethically obtain a promotion or a raise.

Even someone with a successful career may invest in a fake diploma if they have lost their real one and are waiting for a replacement, which could take several weeks.

A fake diploma is a great way to still showcase your knowledge instead of leaving a frame empty on the wall. Here is everything you need to know about getting a fake diploma and how long it will take for delivery.

Why Use a Fake Diploma?

Although some people buy fake diplomas to gain an undeserved reward professionally or personally, many love collecting different diplomas because they can be considered a work of art.

Just take some time to look at the different certificates that colleges give out. They are often very beautiful, with stunning seals and extremely detailed borders.

Some people enjoy collecting them as artworks rather than something they can use professionally. You can also order diplomas from different countries to expand your collection.

Then you can showcase them in your own art gallery to admire the beautiful designs and symbols from various schools. Alternatively, people also use a fake diploma as a quick replacement.

This is because some schools can take many weeks or months to print and deliver an official diploma if yours has been lost or damaged. For instance, if you have gone through a recent flood, you may have had all your documents ruined.

Instead of leaving your wall empty without a diploma hanging, you should order a replacement while waiting for the real one to be sent in the mail. Some schools also do not do replacements at all.

Therefore, highly qualified people may still need to invest in a fake diploma to showcase their hard work.


Until you can get your hands on the real one from your college, hanging up a fake diploma to have a visual record of your achievements does not hurt. If someone is struggling to graduate, they may get a fake diploma to feel inspired by.

If you keep dropping out of college or are feeling lethargic about studying for exams, it always helps to have a reward that you can always look at to inspire yourself to do well in school.

A fake diploma can help push you toward your graduation goals if you need the extra boost to the finish line. You can also use a fake diploma to inspire your child to apply to their dream school.

You can show them a diploma from a renowned college and ask which one they love best. This could inspire your children to apply for their dream schools to succeed so they can obtain a real one upon graduation.

Movie Props

Are you an actor or film student? You may be directing a movie and need to have some fake diplomas as props, especially if the protagonist of your film is highly educated and you need to design the set for their office.

One of the most common buyers of fake diplomas is production studios. The next time you watch your favorite movie, take a closer look at the wall to see any certificates hanging.

These are typically used as show props to help sell a scene. The best part is that a fake diploma can look very authentic. You would be hard-pressed to differentiate between a fake diploma and a real one because technology has advanced enough to produce the best copies.

This is why movie sets love online providers that sell fake diplomas because they can help capture many elements and characteristics from actual certificates to offer the most legitimate product that will add value to the story being filmed.

After all, you would never feel convinced if you saw a lawyer’s office on TV and noticed their wall was empty. Are they even a real lawyer?

How Long Does It Take?

The good news is that a fake diploma provider will never ask you to verify your identity or conduct many security checks before printing the certificate. This is why colleges take so long to deliver the parchment if you have accidentally lost yours since they need to comb through enrollment records and transcripts.

Depending on your chosen provider, your fake diploma can be printed and dispatched within 1-2 business days if you select our fastest UPS delivery option. However, this is if you go for an option to directly select, print, and ship the parchment.

Otherwise, you can also ask for pre-proof. This is where we usually design, print, and send you proof of the certificate in your email. Then you can review the document and make notes of any necessary changes.

This is the best opportunity to verify all the information mentioned in the document to ensure that your full name and qualification are stated correctly.

If you need any alterations, you can always reach out to us so we can fix the information and resend the document for you to verify and confirm your order.

Once you are satisfied with the product and have paid the shipping fee, we can deliver the document immediately. However, always ensure that you reply to us quickly to avoid delays, especially if you have a tight schedule.


You can also request custom embossed seals, which can add an extra 2-3 business days to your shipping. You will be notified via email if your designer needs additional time to customize your document.

Shipping costs and delivery schedules depend on where you are located. During checkout on our website, you will have the option to enter your location.

This will provide the available delivery options for your area. After placing the order, you will receive a tracking number to help you keep an eye on your shipment. Depending on the UPS service you select upon checkout, your document can be delivered anywhere between 1-9 business days.