The Legality of Getting a Fake Diploma

Are you wondering whether or not it is legal to purchase a fake diploma? Here’s what you need to know before you make your purchase.

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Did you know that only about 14% of all enrolled college students actually finish their degrees?

Getting your diploma is no mean feat, even for an “easy” degree. A bachelor’s degree requires 120 credit hours, which translates to thousands of hours of classroom time, studying, and test-taking. It only makes sense that some people might want a fake diploma.

The reasons for getting a fake diploma range from needing to replace a diploma that is real, to improving your confidence while pursuing a degree. Question is, should you be concerned about any of the legal ramifications of buying or using one?

We’re here to answer all your questions on this matter. Keep reading as we discuss the legality of getting a fake diploma.

Is It Illegal to Own or Purchase a Fake Diploma?

No! It is perfectly legal to buy a fake diploma right now, online, through a legal website with legal tender. Having this diploma in your possession or showing it to people presents no legal risk.

Further, you can display this phony college diploma for all to see. You could hang it up on your wall at home and show it off to visitors. If you so choose, you could tell people you meet that you have a degree from a college you never went to.

That said, there are situations where using a fake diploma could land you in hot water. In some situations it is illegal, and you risk fines, lawsuits, or possibly even jail time. In other situations, it is not strictly legal, but you shouldn’t do it anyway.

Situations Where it Is Illegal to Use a Fake Diploma

If you decide to purchase a fake diploma, do keep in mind that you have to exercise caution in certain situations. This is a fake document that should not be used for professional purposes. Those professional purposes may include the following.

When Applying for a Job

Technically, it’s not illegal for you to lie on a resume about your education. This does put you at risk if your employer decides to investigate and discovers that you lied. You should never lie on your resume as a matter of principle.

Using a fake diploma as proof of education for your employer, however, is illegal. This is a falsified document. The same would apply if you falsified your birth certificate or passport.

Your potential employer may report a fake diploma to the authorities. From there, there would be a high likelihood that you would experience legal action. 

Further, this could come back to haunt you later on. If an employer determines that you lied during recruitment, then that deprives you of important legal recourse.

When Applying for Higher Education

Some people want to skip their bachelor’s or associate’s degree. They want to get straight to studying for a Ph.D. or Masters.

This is a bad idea. Just like with applying for a job, it’s illegal to present falsified documents for your own benefit.

Same as with an employer, this might not present a problem at first. You may get accepted, but months or years later, someone finds out that you lied. This could end your education prematurely and make continuing education all the more difficult–or impossible.

When Applying for Visas or Other International Opportunities

Some foreign work programs or visas will require you to provide proof of education. They may not verify whether or not this is a real diploma. Same as the above, you take a huge risk even if they fall for it and accept you.

Situations Where It Is Legal, but Not Advisable to Use a Fake Diploma

Not every situation where you can use a fake diploma is legal. But there are situations where it is morally gray, questionable, or just downright a bad idea. 

Using a Fake Diploma to Build Relationships

While it would be a bad idea to put a fake diploma (assuming it’s not a replacement) in your work office, you could frame it at home. You could take pictures with it and post them on social media, or show it off to friends. This is not illegal, but it could present some moral quandaries.

Building relationships on lies is not a good idea. Years later, friends may discover that you were not truthful with them concerning your education. This could lead to heartbreak and a sense of betrayal.

Using a Fake Diploma to Boost Your Reputation

There may be professional situations where your education looks good, but you don’t necessarily have to prove it. You might be an entrepreneur, freelancer, or business owner. You might use a fake diploma to build your brand and make yourself look reputable, intelligent, and hard-working.

Although it’s unlikely, someone might do the research and discover that you are not a graduate of said institution. This could harm your livelihood and disillusion your customers. While legal action may be more unlikely–or impossible–there will be ramifications.

Situations Where It is Perfectly Fine to Use a Fake Diploma

Aside from the above, there are a lot of legitimate reasons to use and display a fake diploma! This includes if it is a replacement diploma, or a stand-in for a degree you have yet to finish. You may also like to use it as a gag, or as a prop in a movie or theater production.

Assuming you are not using the diploma to prove anything legally, then you are in the clear! You shouldn’t be scared to buy one as long as you’re not attempting to deceive someone for your own gain.

Buy a Fake Diploma Today

A fake diploma is a great way to replace an existing diploma or create a fake degree for gag purposes. However, do know that you cannot present this diploma as legal proof of your education. Doing so could result in criminal punishment, and if not, could do serious harm to your earnings and reputation.

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