What Makes a Diploma Authentic?

Whether you’ve lost your original diploma or need new copies for personal reasons, there are several ways to obtain an authentic diploma. One, you can contact the institution to request a replacement certificate. But this process will often cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. As an alternative, you can buy a fake diploma online. 

This is a document issued by a third-party provider that aims to replicate the diploma that you need for whatever purpose it may serve. As good as that sounds, there is also a downside, and that is: that not all service providers create an authentic diploma. Because of this, it can easily be detected as a fraud and, therefore, revoked. So, if you’re using this fake diploma to apply to an important job, further your education, or something else, using a document that’s so unauthentic will not do. 

In this article, you’ll learn what the characteristics are of an authentic diploma and how PhonyDiploma.Com meets these criteria. 

Qualities of an Authentic Diploma

Similar to other official documents, diplomas are made with specific guidelines and are composed of various elements. These factors are key to differentiating an authentic certificate from something fake. These include:

Paper Quality

The paper quality of a diploma may vary from one institution to the next, but they all possess a specific texture, size, and color that’s essential for its credibility and authenticity. In most cases, schools use high-grade paper quality that’s thick and sturdy. They also use papers that provide a certain texture and sheen. These components all work together to create a diploma that’s unique to their institution. 

For a fake diploma to pass as real, the paper quality, texture, and size must match as closely as possible to the original. 


Another factor to consider is the seal. If you’ll notice, authentic diplomas have a customized embossed gold foil seal somewhere on the page. In some diplomas, the seals are located at the bottom right corner, while in others, they’re found at the bottom center. The placement ultimately depends on the school. But regardless, the presence of this component is essential because it’s used to validate the authenticity of the document. Plus, it offers a professional look. 

To ensure that this element is replicated properly, replacement diploma companies will try to incorporate the same seal. They will focus on the details and the positioning of the seal to ensure that it can pass as an authentic document. 


Some institutions integrate a watermark when they issue a diploma to make it as unique as possible. But more than that, the watermark works to make it more difficult to forge the document. Fortunately, this is not a hindrance for reliable fake diploma providers. PhonyDiploma.Com can design a diploma that bears the same watermark to make it look as authentic as possible.

Font and Color

Oftentimes, the official diplomas from accredited universities and colleges use Old English or Gothic fonts that are ornate enough but also not common in traditional print media. While these fonts are commonly associated with diplomas, these do not apply to all institutions.

Some can use simple and unembellished serif fonts while others can use more modern and minimalistic fonts like sans serif typefaces. Apart from the styles available to the general public, some schools and colleges use official fonts that are unique to them. Among the many fonts available, customized fonts will be the hardest to replicate, but not impossible. 

Your potential company should therefore have a deeper understanding of what the different fonts are and how to use them. They should also be wary of the specific color shade of the font — whether it be black, navy blue, deep brown, or red — to imitate the original. 

These details may seem trivial at first glance, but being as thorough and precise as possible is the defining feature of what makes a fake diploma look authentic.

Official Logos and Emblems

Besides the font, every school will incorporate its logo or official emblem into the diploma. As such, these elements must be carefully integrated into the replication process to ensure that the size, color, and placement are identical to the original. The smallest changes can make a significant difference in the quality of the fake diploma. So, it’s imperative to pay close attention to these elements. 

Personal Information

The last and final component in creating an authentic fake diploma is your personal information. In a high school or college diploma, some of the basic details you will find include:

  • School name
  • Graduate’s name
  • City, county, and state of the school
  • Degree
  • Graduation date
  • Signatures

To verify the authenticity of the document, these details must be free of typographical errors and must follow the same font and position as the original. 

Additionally, real academic institutions use real ink to sign the diploma. The names and designation of each faculty member should be correct and their signature must look natural, rather than forced. Paying attention to these small details can complete the authenticity of the entire document. 

How PhonyDiploma.Com Creates Your Fake Diploma

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