What You Can and Can’t Do with a Fake High School Diploma

Why would anyone get a fake high school diploma, you ask? Well, perhaps you lost your diploma and you want a replacement to hang on your wall.

Or, maybe your diploma is too tarnished and ugly to display. You can get a replacement diploma custom-made to look as pretty as you want. On the other hand, you might just be sick of de-framing and re-framing your diploma every time you need to use it.

The good news is, that it’s completely legal to use a phony diploma for all these purposes. And there are plenty of other legitimate uses as well, which we’ll describe below. 

However, there are some situations in which it’s very illegal to use your fake diploma. But don’t worry. We’ll explain these situations in detail so that you can avoid them.

Want to learn more? Read on to discover everything there is to know about using a fake school diploma.

Is It Legal to Buy a Fake High School Diploma?

The legality of using a phony diploma is not hard to understand. Put simply, a fake diploma is an unofficial copy of a genuine legal document.

The original document is authorized by the government as legal proof of educational achievement. But the copy is not. Thus, the copy can’t be used as legal proof in place of the original.

Still, it’s not illegal to buy or possess an unauthorized copy. You may also use the copy for personal, non-official purposes. 

For example, if you want to obtain a fake diploma as a joke or for a movie prop, that’s totally legal. But if you use that phony diploma to apply for college, that’s illegal.

Things You Must Never Do With Novelty Diplomas

Using a fake high school diploma when the original is required by law is fraud. Here are a few examples of this. 

  • Getting a job or an internship
  • Winning clients and/or business partners
  • Getting into college
  • Getting a travel VISA
  • Applying for insurance

Never attempt these fraudulent uses of fake diplomas. Besides being very illegal, it’s just plain stupid.

Any professional who spends all day authenticating such documents will easily spot a fake. Thus, attempting fraud will almost certainly get you prosecuted and fined.

Acceptable Ways to Use a Phony Diploma

That said, there are many great (and legitimate) reasons to buy novelty diplomas. Here are some completely legal ways to use them.

1. Convenience

In certain situations, you’re required by law to present your official diploma. The most common example is job-hunting.

In this case, you may have to present your diploma quite often to several potential employers. This is very inconvenient if you like to keep your diploma in a frame, hanging on your wall.

Now, you can’t use your fake diploma to apply for a job. But, if you keep the replica diploma in the frame, your real diploma is available for use at any time.

2. Replace an Ugly Diploma

Furthermore, if you do use your official diploma often, it gets worn and smudged over time. Eventually, it won’t look good in your display case, anyway. If this happens, get a novelty diploma to display instead.

On the other hand, maybe your real diploma is just ugly regardless. It could be that the text is too small, the paper looks generic, or the whole thing just looks bland. So, why not customize a beautiful replacement, simply for display purposes?

3. Replace a Lost Diploma

If you want to display your diploma but you can’t find it, you can get a cheap and accurate replica. Once again, remember that you can only use the replica for display or novelty purposes. So, if you need one for official purposes, you must contact your school for a legitimate replacement.

4. Keep Up Appearances

Perhaps you’re self-conscious or even bullied because you never earned a real diploma. If you display a fake diploma as if real, you won’t have to worry as much about what other people think. Note: this is acceptable because displaying a diploma in your bedroom is not an official, legal use.

Still, this won’t necessarily help you feel better about not having a real diploma. After all, you will still know the truth. Thus, we recommend that you work toward earning a true diploma while the copy serves as a placeholder.

5. Motivate Yourself

Furthermore, while earning a real diploma, your novelty diploma serves as more than a placeholder. Namely, it serves as your motivation until the day you can proudly display your true diploma. It’s an inspirational representation of your future reward.

6. Use as Props

Online videos, community theatre performances, and other productions require props. If you’re involved with any of these, you may need a fake diploma as a prop for a scene.

7. Give Joke Diplomas as Gifts

Finally, fake diplomas don’t have to be exact replications of actual documents. They can be customized however you want.

For example, create joke diplomas issued by fake universities with silly names. These can be a hilarious personalized gift (provided you and the recipient each have a good sense of humor). Alternatively, commemorative fake diplomas can be issued to honor someone for their achievements. 

Get Your Phony School Diploma Now

Now you know: you have nothing to worry about. It’s 100% legal to order a fake high school diploma. And you’re free to use it for any of the legitimate reasons above.

So, then, what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

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