What’s the Difference Between a GED and High School Diploma?

Are you still wondering whether you need a GED or high school diploma? Wonder no more. Here we list the differences between the two and why you should get one or the other.

What is the GED?

The GED test, or the General Educational Development Test, is a battery of tests designed to measure the proficiency of anyone above 16 years old who is not enrolled in high school. The 7-hour test focuses on applied knowledge and skills on four major high school subjects.

If for whatever reason, you cannot complete a high school program, passing the GED will earn you a certificate equivalent to a high school diploma. 

Is a High School Diploma Better than a GED?

A high school diploma is an official credential earned by a secondary education student. While both the GED and a high school diploma can get you into a 4-year course in a university, the diploma is sometimes viewed as superior to the GED. A  high school diploma and good grades may earn you a scholarship in college which a GED taker will not be able to enjoy. 

That being said, GEDs are respected by both colleges and employers, so you will have no trouble meeting the educational requirements of either a job or future schooling. In effect, they are equal to each other. 

Which Option is Best for You?

A high school diploma is ideal for preparing you for further education and an established career path. However, getting a high school diploma will require you to attend classes to get credits for the course. This will take several years to complete. 

GED takers can prepare in just a few months. Even those past high school age can take the high school equivalency test. Passing the GED will give you the recognition that you have reached grade 12 levels of skill and knowledge. 

Both options will provide you with documents as proof to show to future employers or to use as requirements for submission to a college. You can also use it to enter into vocational training programs. Whichever option you choose, the GED or a high school diploma is essential for your life moving forward. 

Why You Need a GED or a High School Diploma 

The GED and a high school diploma both provide similar advantages and benefits you can enjoy:

  • Pride and improved self-esteem: Securing a diploma indicates your level of education, commitment to completing a task, and dedication to self-improvement.
  • Marketability in the job market: A GED certificate or a high diploma opens more employment opportunities for you to help you improve your life and your family’s.
  • Entry to college and vocational training programs: Continuing education will get you better jobs with higher pay and more benefits. Your GED or high school diploma is your ticket to getting into college.
  • Better earning potential: Studies have shown that people with a GED or high school diploma make significantly more than those who do not. Better pay means an improved quality of life.

The benefits of a GED and high school diploma certainly make your future look brighter. It isn’t a question of whether you should get one; it’s more of when you should. The more significant fact to remember is that you must secure one now. If you’d like to get a replacement copy of your GED or high school diploma, check out out website today.